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Florida Student Health Insurance

Florida Student College health insurance quotes

A.K.A. How To Survive A Fraternity Hazing

First of all, if you are a college student put down your little bongs and marijuana, and try to head over to your college administration office, assuming you can find and it and that you are actually still enrolled in school. Now that you are here at the admin’s office, ask them what plan they have in case you get stricken with a classic case of alcohol poisoning when your fraternity is forcing you to drink to prove your loyalty. Now, ask the nice lady if your plan is covered in your tuition. Now call your parents and have them call me so I can tell them if it is a good deal or not.

I actually went through college without even knowing if I had health insurance. I was lucky that I did, as I did visit the ER at least one time in a little event I like to call “taking it to my grave.”

Now the actual post, because most U.S. colleges and universities, including most state schools, require students to have health insurance as a condition of enrollment, a student can provide their own private health insurance through their parent’s existing coverage or some schools will offer insurance through one specific carrier. Several state schools offer health insurance, however, our agents have typically seen these prices to be higher then the private individual insurance East Coast insurance can offer. Students and their parents are frequently motivated to find alternative coverage that may offer better protection at a lower price. It is possible for most healthy students to find lower price protection with stronger catastrophic coverage with a wider range of providers on a national basis using the plans listed on a state-by-state basis at ECHealthInsurance.com. Since each student’s situation is different and sometimes even schools have different requirements, it pays to take a few minutes to speak with an agent an East Coast Health Insurance broker.

We have insured over 10,000 students since we’ve been in business and we are intimately familiar with all of the major university requirements. We have saved many families both money and time by making sure their children have the best coverage at the best price. Call us today and let us save you both money and worry.

Florida College Student Health Insurance

The Low Down on The College Plan From Your Florida University Health Insurance Plan

For parent of college students, the more serious issues of schools who are demanding that their students have health insurance so if your child (or man-child) doesn’t have a Florida health coverage seriously make them go to the administration office at their school, because many colleges are also providing a coverage option through student health plans. About 60 percent of College and Universities have some sort of medical insurance according to the GAO, but remember just because they offer it doesn’t mean it is good, because it could be a business enterprise for them in much the same way it is for most Health Insurance companies. So, definitely read the fine print on their plans and then compare it to the Florida Student Health Insurance policies that ECHealthInsurance markets, and we can help you decide which is the better choice. Of course, the easy formula is that get the most coverage for the least money!

These college health plans though are easier to get then our Florida Individual Health Insurance Plans and they less underwriting. But make sure you stay full-time, as the college will take away your health plan if they find you are flunking Trig. This is the danger in these plans because like COBRA in Florida, they are for a finite amount of time unless the college stipulates that you can extend the coverage after you graduate, which might become a necessity if you developed an illness.

The other stipulations on these College health plans is that you have to get most treatments with their on campus health providers. These Florida Health Insurance Centers are often very good depending on which Florida college you attend. I know that Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton had a decent plan, but that was over a decade ago. Although you wouldn’t know it by looking at me, as I have a beautiful Boca Raton skin complexion from all the time I spend outside drinking at Gigi’s in Mizner Park. These health insurance plans are usually closed off as well so that you cannot go outside of the network if you travel outside the US, but this is not a big deal anyways and shouldn’t be a factor when obtaining a Florida Health Insurance Quote For your College Student. Keyword Blitz!

Florida Health Insurance Statistics, Stay Awake!

The common knowledge is that you should leave your child on your Florida individual or group health insurance plan, or get individual health insurance quotes from us for them as you can leave them on these policies indefinitely.

But here is the statistics, 60 percent of employer-sponsored health plans required students to be enrolled full-time to receive coverage as a dependent. As we stated above do not drop that drama class as when you start dropping courses you become part time and then lose your college health benefits.

If You Are Independent and Pay Your own Tuition, Well Then You Are Better Then Me!

Then the answer is simple, get a Florida individual health policy or see if you qualify for any state plans. My blog has a specific article on Florida Health Insurance Coverage From the State and Local Florida Government.