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Cover Florida Health Opinion and Facts


Cover Florida Health Insurance Quote

“We Believe Health Insurance is A Right Not A Privilege”

Cover Florida is simply another individual health insurance plan that is being subsidized by the state and is not either a comprehensive plan or a dependable alternative. As they are marketed and sold by two Florida Health Insurance Companies, United Health Care and Blue Cross, you can count on the fact that there will be a profit margin included in the pricing.

They are essentially discount plans masquerading as full benefit plans. In fact, they are very similar to what you can buy through Health Markets of Florida in that they have caps on benefits and have lower caps on procedures then even many discount plans. The icing on the proverbial cake is that they even exclude preexisting conditions for a year after they are effective.


Florida Health Insurance Pitfall:  Cover Florida Failure

Many other points include the drug coverage limitation to only generic (although we believe that prescription coverage is not medical coverage, and health reform could be advanced by putting some of the impetus on the consumer to shop for drugs), and the fact that the plans exclude, and by exclude they don’t mention any inpatient physician fees for surgeons, etc. In addition, we couldn’t find many other essential plan details that by the nature of the contract would exclude them from coverage such as cancer treatments and transplantation.

I would, in fact, stay away from these plans if at all possible and either call us for some of the phone numbers to your local government medical plans or consult with us for group pricing, if applicable, or any of our other plans to cover the uninsured. We have many, and simply must find the best option for you, which usually will mean signing up with a county plan.

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