One Man Groups in Florida

Many times, a business owner will be unable to qualify for health insurance and if he or she is just starting a new company and has a few assets this person might not be able to get approved for individual health insurance.  In Florida with the fact that there are literally nine reputable health insurance companies you would assume that this would not be a problem for many people.  It is quite the opposite in reality, however, as health insurance companies get to choose who they take and don’t take.

What they don’t get to choose, in Florida anyways is that during August every year they must accept everyone that meets the criteria for a one man group health insurance plan using a self employed individual with no other full time employees.  If you have other full time employees then you can certainly do a 2 man group any time of the year.  It is only for the one man groups that there is only one month for enrollment.

It is critical that if you are planning to enroll in a one man group that you START YOUR PAPERWORK IN JULY, not August, as this can give the health insurance company a reason to say no or decline if your paperwork should somehow get lost.

East Coast Health Insurance is one of the few health insurance companies in Florida that will actually assist in these types of plans.  Why is there so few health insurance brokers willing to do this for you? Why do most health insurance brokers not even tell you about the existence of these types of policies?

BECAUSE ONE MAN GROUPS DO NOT PAY ANY COMMISSION!  I take that back, they do actually pay, but it comes out to about two dollars per month and it is a ton of work.

We can help you do these one man groups in Florida, or East Coast Health Insurance will email you the paperwork to complete them yourself if you desire (we hope you choose the 2nd option) once we help you pick the correct company.  But remember in spite of the high premiums, the health insurance companies do not want this business.  So, it is difficult to get a quote, in fact unless you have a health insurance broker or call each health insurance company for rates it is nearly impossible to get rates on your own.

So, here is a collection of one man group documents and sample quotes in PDF format to look over if you are entertaining the idea of signing up for a one man group in Florida.

Avmed One Life Qualification Guidelines

Avmed One Man Group One Life Submission Checklist

AvMed One Man Group Broward Dade Rates

Aetna Palm Beach Broward County One Man Group Life RATES

One-Man Group Department of Insurance Florida Bulletin

Aetna One Man Group Palm Beach PPO_1 Life_4Q09 v1.0

Miami_HMO_1 Life_4Q09 v1.0