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The Over 50 Crowd in Florida Health Insurance

Florida is seeing dangerously high numbers of citizens without health insurance, both working and nonworking. Florida is well known for two things, its aging population and its great number of small businesses and service-based industries. Having been in the Health Insurance industry for five years and having seen the many uninsured, I must comment on the fact that for a healthy 60 year old couple that has their own business or that is retired it literally will cost them over $1000 per month for a policy that is mediocre.  A more comprehensive policy will cost them $1000 each! In addition, most companies and low paying jobs do not offer a group sponsored health plan, and so a great segment of the population were even before the recession struggling to make payments or entirely bypassing health insurance.  At East Coast Health Insurance we will go to the end of our Rolodex to get you coverage if you find yourself in this bracket as we have every major health insurance carrier as well as the phone numbers to every local, state, and nationwide health coverage plan that is available in Florida. As the recession or depression wore on, more and more lost their benefits, and I haven’t even mentioned the ones that are unable to qualify for any coverage.  This can be caused by making too much money to qualify for an assistance program and then making too little too afford private health insurance, and with premiums as high as they are with no relief in sight, most Floridians are just trying to feed their families. Lastly, is the segment of the population ages 50-64 that are medically ineligible for coverage, and although you might think this is a small segment I would venture to guess that it could be as high as 60% in certain areas. There are very few people that don’t take a blood pressure/cholesterol medications and couple in a diabetic medication, even if it just pills, and you are looking at an uninsurable person. In order to get coverage then, assuming you can’t qualify for an assistance program, you will need to set up a corporation and get a group health policy.

AARP Health Insurance

There is a great plan out this year (it was out last year but it was a disaster when it was offered by United Health Care/Golden Rule) from AARP and is underwritten by Aetna.  We are an authorized Florida health insurance broker for this plan as well and we encourage you to call us for a custom AARP health insurance quote.  It is not that it is priced very competitively as it isn’t the most affordable plan, but the underwriting is very lenient and the plan is affordable compared to the rest of the plans in this group.  If you are 100% healthy, however, this might not be the best plan for you from a value perspective.

Florida Health Insurance for the Middle Aged (and Older)

We have to do something for these people, the aging baby boomers who made our country the most prosperous nation in perhaps the history of mankind. To leave more and more uninsured is criminal and frankly I am unimpressed with Washington’s infatuation with insuring children who cost an average of $100 per month. It is our fathers and grandfathers who need protection and legislation. So, please call us at 888 803 5917 for more information if you fall into this category and even though we might place you in a free government program it is our duty as citizens to make sure that you have your rights to health insurance protected. You can also visit us on the web at our homepage at East Coast Health Insurance.