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Florida Health Insurance Education 101

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Here is a section unique to the Florida health insurance market.  It is the only state that we did a health insurance education section on, and that is because we are based there.  This page took an incredibly long time as well due to the fact that the formatting was difficult.  So, please enjoy.

Topics For Florida Health Insurance Class Today Will Include:

COBRA in Florida “or how to depend on someone else for 18 months”

Laid off? A seemingly obvious insurance option will be COBRA, a federal law that allows you to continue to purchase the health coverage from your employer-sponsored plan.

florida health questions

Florida Student health insurance: required reading for college-bound

Long before the first class of the first college semester begins, prospective students and their families need to begin doing their homework.

Short Term Health Insurance

The Short Term Individual Policy

Many health care consumers are now looking for a quick fix that has appeared in the form of short-term major medical health insurance policies.

Florida Individual Health Insurance

What about people in their 50’s to early 60’s that have been turned down for individual insurance everywhere they’ve looked what can they do? Health insurance in Florida has gotten very expensive, but for pre Medicare seniors it has become virtually unobtainable.

Florida Senior Health Insurance Policy Rejections

Florida Health Insurance Premium Study

This is a massive document that goes into the details about health insurance premiums.

It is quite dull, but very academic, and is a good illustration of why the health insurance premiums are doing so much so fast.

 Medicare Supplement Insurance

According to a 2007 report by United Health Foundation, 15.9 percent of all Americans are uninsured. State-sponsored risk pools are aimed at helping a small slice of those Americans: those who can afford to buy health insurance, but who are denied affordable health insurance coverage by private companies because of a pre-existing medical condition.

What Is an Emergency in Florida?


For Florida Residents: Legislation Effective 7/1/2004

Direction on appropriate utilization of emergency services and alternative urgent care services. Choosing the Right Health Care Setting: Emergency Room, Urgent Care and Clinical Care.

One of the reasons why health insurance is so expensive is because of the tendency of people to go to the emergency room for colds etc. In fact I once had a roommate in college go there because she was constipated. The bill for that was astoundingly almost $2000….

Florida Medicare Supplement policies:

When it comes to health insurance, Florida Medicare Supplements are one of the less stressful purchases in Florida due to the plans at least being regulated closely

High risk pools: an answer for the uninsured

Risk pools for the medically uninsurable aid those turned for health insuranceRisk Pools for the Uninsurable

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