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Autism and Florida Health Insurance

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  I did some digging on Autism and Florida health insurance law as it recently became the subject of a pro-bono case that our brokerage was working on, and we came across a lot of information, but found these articles that seemed to be especially pertinent to what the general inquiries tend to about and I hope it helps anyone that is a care-taker for an Autistic child or adult.  I also attached some documents from a meeting held in June of this year in which illustrates eligibility and benefit details along with waivers for Medicaid; although many of you may have already been aware of this I thought it would be worth including since many Autistic children are not only eligible for Medicaid benefits but also at least some Social Security benefits. I am sorry that I am ignorant in these matters since I specialize in private Florida individual and group health insurance coverage, and have therefore only began to tap into the surface of public and government sponsored plan alternatives for the disabled in Florida. 

First off is the Florida Medicaid Eligibility and Medicaid Benefits Form.

 The next pertinent document would be the Medicaid Waiver Form for Florida

I included an article at the bottom of this post pertaining to a strategic plan that is apparently in the works as of April this year and in my opinion between the research development, funding and the various federal and state departments involved I believe that Medicaid may be a viable option.

 Florida Medicaid Developmental Disability Information

Good luck and please feel free to contact us should we at East Coast Health Insurance be of any assistance at all!  We are happy to help anyone