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South Florida Guide to Living Without Health Insurance

I have this page here for permanent linkage it will even make its way on to the main page one day when time permits me to do it, as it is useful to me, my brokers, and to everyone in South Florida that has lost coverage or can’t afford, or has gotten ill, I don’t care what it is if you can’t get health insurance coverage you need to go through these contacts.  This is the most important thing I will ever do on the internet and my entire life has led up to this post.  Thanks Mom!

First call us at ECHealthInsurance.com at 888 803 5917, and we will give you free advice and not charge you a penny even when you decide to go with a free plan, or we have to do a two man group, but you had better call us when the economy improves or refer us to your friends because I know how to work computers and will spam your parents, friends, and family with pictures of you photo-shopped into an ugly religious ceremony. We also represent, and I am not fibbing here every Florida health insurance company in Florida through our health brokerage.  I don’t have to list them all here but I will because I think its relevant and I like long run on sentences.  Aetna, Avmed, Cigna, Coventry, United, Humana, and wait that is it actually.

Secondly if you can get an individual plan it is usually a good bet, as it is guaranteed to not go away until the day you can’t afford it anymore, or you turn 65, or Barack Obama makes us all sharecroppers with health benefits and 401k plans already paid up, and he comes over and takes care of the kids so you and the wife can finally go out to that nice Greek place in Boca that your parents keep talking about.

Group plans as a dependent

Being a dependent on an employer-sponsored health plan is often time the most affordable and simple solution. If you are unable to pay for individual coverage or have not been accepted for a plan, group policies accept more individuals and provide HMO plans for families of their workers for very low rates. Some even offer extended options such as health savings accounts and special discounts to their plan members. If your spouse’s workplace offers insurance to their employees, the option of including a spouse or child dependent is always open on such plans.


The federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act requires employers to allow workers who have been let go and their families remain covered by the company’s group insurance for 18 months after they leave, with no denials for pre-existing conditions. COBRA’s continuous coverage is available to individuals who have been with a large group plan, at an employer with 20 or more full and part-time employees. It is offered to the employee as well as their family members for the set duration of extended benefits. These plans do get costly, as the employer is no longer paying their part of the premiums, and the plans only last for a limited time. Before your coverage ends, it is wise to apply for an individual health plan if you have not yet found a new workplace with health benefits.

Individual policies

An optimum choice, especially when purchased through East Coast Health Insurance. Despite the many perks of individual and family plans, there is also the potential that costs can be higher than that of group insurance. Some groups of people, depending on demographic, are more susceptible to elevated costs in the private market, which is heavily variable based on region. Despite this warning, individual health insurance is not always as costly as you might imagine, and if you fill out a quote or call us for plan and pricing details you can find out for yourself.

Individual plans are, as you have probably heard, for healthy people – at least until 2014 – so keep in mind the various underwriting guidelines if you have had a condition or two in the past. Our brokerage is passionate and dedicated, and we are here to find you the best policy to fit your needs, or simply clarify your health insurance questions. Call us at 888 803 5917.


Sole proprietors are able to receive coverage as a group plan if they have started a business with as few as two people. Small business owners with one other worker can qualify for small group coverage, and can also apply for a one man group if they have too few assets to be considered for individual health plans. Investing in a group plan is more likely a wise option if you plan to expand your company and add more employees in the future.


One-third of the uninsured qualify for government coverage but don’t know it, so call us and we will tell you this on the phone.

Florida Medicaid

The state-federal program covers children ages 6 to 19 from a family with income less than or equal to the federal poverty level (about $23,050 per year for a family of four), and income up to 133 percent of FPL for those with children under age 5. Unemployed parents are only accepted with an income up to 20 percent of FPL, which is $4,610, while working parents are eligible with income at or below 58 percent of the poverty line. Low-income adults without children get no coverage, regardless of employment status or wages.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women can obtain Medicaid coverage incomes up to 185 percent of the poverty level ($39,228 per year for a family of four). Florida KidCare: Under a series of state-sponsored programs for children, most families pay no more than $15 to $20 per month total. Those with higher incomes pay market price but at a big discount.

Broward County hospital districts

Tax-supported district hospitals and clinics offer full care for free or at deep discounts for the uninsured. Waits for care can be longer than normal. District officials said their programs may appeal to higher-income uninsured people, because even full prices are discounted.

  • North Broward Hospital District: browardhealth.org or 954-759-7400.
  • South Broward Hospital District: mhs.net or 954-987-2000.

Health Care District of Palm Beach County

The tax-backed district’s Vita Health covers the uninsured making up to 300 percent of the poverty level ($63,612 per year for a family of four). Premiums are $25 to $100 per month per person. vitahealth.org or 866-930-0035.

Florida High-Risk Pool/PCIP

The former high risk pool closed for admission, and health care reform now offers PCIP plans to individuals who are ineligible for health insurance due to their health. If you have had a pre-existing condition that makes you unable to receive coverage through a private insurer, these plans are and affordable way to be insured. To qualify, you must have a pre-exisiting condition or have been denied coverage for your medical status, or have been uninsured for at least six consecutive months prior to application. East Coast Health Insurance is licensed to sell PCIP plans, so compare plans and pricing in your area by getting a quote or calling us.

County Health Department

Clinics administered by the state for uninsured residents of Florida, offering preventive services for little or no cost. These centers provides vaccinations, dental care, HIV/AIDS counseling and treatment, family planning services, early detection programs for breast and cervical cancer, and more. Some medications may even be covered for those who use these programs and require treatment for a medical condition.

Federally qualified health centers

Typically small, these nonprofit clinics target the uninsured with no other options. findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov



Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation: kff.org/uninsured

Foundation for Health Coverage Education: Coverageforall.org or 800.234.1317. Nonprofit that refers people to specific insurers.

East Coast Health Insurance: echealthinsurance.com or 888 803 5917. Company that refers people to specific insurers and is generally as they say, “the bees knees.”