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Vista Health Plan HMO

vista health plan quote broward, miami, and west palm beach

ECHealthInsurance.com has always loved Vista Health Insurance Plans In South Florida because of their benefits.  They are hands down the most comprehensive Florida Health Insurance company,  indeed they definitely would rank in the top 10 HMO’s nationwide.  This ain’t your grandpappy’s HMO, son.  They have gym memberships, they will help you quit smoking, they will punish your children when they misbehave and they will frighten your neighbors when they steal your newspaper.  We have given them an

They also have perhaps the best co pay system that we have ever seen.  If my wife and parents have Vista and I’m a large Health Insurance Broker in Florida don’t you think you ought to take a look at it?  Ok my wife is also a health insurance broker as well but she still bought the darn plan.

Vista Florida health insurance quote

If you have ever received a bill from your dermatologist when you thought you had the best coverage in Florida and thought there was a mistake then you definitely didn’t have Vista.  You have PPOitis.  This is a dreaded disease where you pay a ton of money for your health insurance premiums while your agent gets rich and you still have to pay almost all of your medical bills.  PPOitis is affecting nearly every Floridian that I know.  If you think you have developed PPOitis or you are not even sure because you are afraid to go to the doctor because you know you will be getting a large bill then you most definitely have it.  Of course you could also have no insurance but then you would be at CVS walk in clinics anyways so you wouldn’t care.

Also Vista Health Plan offers great maternity coverage.  Why is their maternity coverage better than the other Florida health insurance companies?  Because it is so darn comprehensive.  There is a $1000 copay for the maternity coverage and after that Vista covers all of your costs from your prenatal pills to the entire birthing process.  It is also rather affordable at $110 per month.  So if you are looking for individual maternity coverage Vista is the best choice.  Blue Cross and United Health One are the other carriers that offer maternity coverage in Florida but their plans have significantly higher out of pockets.

Visit our new website for the love of Blue Cross and check out our HMO plans for South Florida Individual and Family Health Insurance Quotes from Vista Health Plan.

Vista Health Insurance Rating and Reviews

Vista Health Plan Pricing Review  B-

Vista’s HMO plan is certainly not the cheapest plan anymore.  Indeed if you are looking for family coverage with more comprehensive benefits we will most likely tell you to apply with Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  Vista does not offer a family discount.  All of this being said they are still one of the cheaper options in Miami Dade County this is because Miami is so darn expensive due to fraud and malpractice.  Additionally Miami is known for black-market baby sales.  (just making sure you were paying attention)

Vista Health Plan Benefits  A+

This is the only company in Florida that has received an A+ from us ever in any aspect of health insurance.  Except Vita health care which get an A++ because they are $20 a month and if you live in West Palm Beach county you should call us right now for more information or hop over to our Florida Health Resource section.

Vista Customer Service Review D+

Perhaps the worst organized company in the history of the world.  If I had to guess what software they used I would guess pen and paper as they have no luck in this category.  The only thing they have going for them here though is that with Coventry buying them out they are now uniquely positioned to lower pricing and get an economies of scale thing going.  Otherwise, when we sell Vista Health Plan which we do frequently in the tri county area Miami Dade County, West Palm Beach, and Broward County we always tell our clients to never call Vista as they will more then likely screw up your request.  So if you are currently a Vista Member please do not bother us unless we are your agent!

I am kidding, we help you but you better refer your friends!

In the meantime Vista Customer Service can be reached during normal business hours at 800-441-5501.

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