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United Health One Florida

The United Healthcare Florida health insurance plans are the most affordable Florida health insurance plans across many demographics in the state.  Their plans include the Copay Select plans, which I, in fact, currently have as my own health insurance and have found it to be and excellent policy.  To find out if they are the most affordable plan for you, please get a  Florida health insurance quote by entering your zip code above. Below is the Florida United Health One brochure, but I wanted to give you a good idea of how the United Health One/Golden Rule health insurance policies work in Florida first.

UHC basically bought Golden Rule a large PPO Network and Health insurance company some years back.  Basically, they were not even that good of a company and I certainly wouldn’t have recommended them back then.  However, United Health One/Care has one of the best national networks in the country so it instantly helped both United Health Care and Golden Rule to consolidate. The problem is, though, that United Health One never converted Golden Rule into a domiciled health insurance company the way that they usually operate.  Hence, they are not subject to the rules that other Florida health insurance companies are and have two sometimes incredibly high premium increases per year.

Still, they are very affordable in much of Florida and have the best prescription plan in the state.  In the Northern parts of Florida, they are usually in fact the least expensive health insurance company.  That being said, they could and very well might give you a 30% increase anytime they want.  If another company has the same price, I would recommend the other company unless the cost savings were tangible and secondly it should be a healthy individual.

UnitedHealthOne Plans in Florida

UnitedHealthOne Florida Brochure

Copay Select Plans

With the greatest amount of overall savings for those who plan to use their medical benefits, these plans cover the most services for the lowest cost. Offering copays for services such as office visits and generic prescriptions, Copay plans give you access to physicians and specialists for a fixed rate. Though your premium is a bit higher than other plans, your out-of-pocket costs will be much less. Coinsurance options are 0, 20 or 30 percent after deductible – and many medical services such as surgery, inpatient and outpatient hospital care, and more.


High Deductible Plans

If you would rather pay less each month for coverage, knowing that you have a lesser chance of using multiple doctor’s office visits per year, you can still get access to care through UnitedHealthOne’s broad network. These plans allow members to pay out of pocket until their deductible is met, then their plan will cover 80 or 100 percent. Though at times, certain plans like these are a gamble, high deductible plans still offer coverage on hospital care, preventive services, and prescriptions. Certain plans, like Saver 80, exclude office visits entirely, so make sure you choose the coverage that works best for you.


Health Savings Account Plans

For those who are interested in pairing health insurance coverage with a tax-advantaged health savings account, these plans are federally qualified to do so. Floridians who want high deductible coverage whose cost sharing can be paid by a tax-free account, these plans offer coverage and financial flexibility. HSA plans are also preferred for their low monthly premiums, making it easier to fund your optional spending account. Members receive either 70 or 100 percent coverage after deductible, depending on the plan they choose.


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