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Florida knows health: There is no end to the smart way Floridians use their natural healthy environment to stay fit. And you can stay even healthier using your Florida Humana One health insurance plan for individuals and families to maintain your health, and enjoy all the perks of Humana One. Your Humana membership provides discounts on fitness centers, massage therapy, acupuncture, health classes, vision care, and various other wellness products. Humana One offers several great health insurance plans with a wide variety of options that let you match your coverage to your individual health insurance needs.

Humana One is a product of Humana Inc., one of the nation’s top health insurers. Accredited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) with Commendable status for their Florida commercial and Medicaid plans, and Excellent for Medicare plans, Humana successfully provides great services and products to their Florida members. Their national network includes an estimated 544,000 providers, over 4,000 hospitals, and 60,000 pharmacies to serve members in every single state. Their individual plans offer comprehensive coverage with copays, high deductibles, and HSA-compatible coverage, and are connected to the national POS network.




Humana Individual Plans in Florida


Humana plans vary from one part of the state to another. Humana offers HMO, POS and PPO plans throughout Florida for optimum cost and network flexibility. View available plans nationally in the following Humana plan brochure.

Humana Individual Medical Product Brochure


HMO Plans

Humana offers Direct and Connect HMO plans on the Marketplace in Florida. Depending on your service area, you have access to one of these HMOs. Below is a table of service areas, counties and the Humana plan/network available in your region.

Humana HMOs

Humana Direct HMO Features

•    HMO Premier uses an open access HMO network
•    RX network: Select (includes: Walmart, Sam’s Club, CVS and Rightsource)
•   No out of network coverage except for accidental emergencies
•   Family deductible and out of pocket (OOP) are twice the individual amounts


Humana Direct


Humana Connect HMO Features

•    HMO plan using a local medical network
•    RX network: Select (includes: Walmart, Sam’s Club, CVS and Rightsource)
•    Choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) and get referrals for specialist visits or hospitalization
•    There is no out of network coverage (with the exception of accidental emergency room coverage)
•    Family deductible and out of pocket (OOP) are twice the individual amounts

Humana Connect

Humana National Preferred PPO

Humana’s individual PPO plans are available off-exchange throughout the state. National Preferred Networks include Humana Choice Care PPO and the National POS – Open Access. Plans are not available in Bay, Gulf, Franklin, Holmes, Hamilton, Lafayette, Liberty, Hardee, De Soto, Highlands, Glades, Hendry and Calhoun Counties.

•    PPO plan using Humana’s national medical network
•    RX network: National
•    Includes out of network coverage with higher cost-sharing
•    Family deductible and out of pocket are 2x the individual amounts

Humana National Preferred


Additional Coverage in Florida

We love that Humana offers a variety of quality products for our clients in Florida. You can apply for individual dental coverage on or off the exchange, and vision, critical illness and life insurance are also available from Humana One.


Humana Dental

Dental Provider Search


On Exchange

The Humana Dental Smart Choice plan is one of the few dental plans offered on-exchange from a major insurer in Florida. Its benefits are very basic, but it will help you cover any preventive services you need and is extremely affordable.

Humana Dental Smart Choice On-Exchange Plan



Off Exchange

Humana Specialty Benefits offers the following dental coverage in Florida. The Dental Value Plans, or HI215, are a popular choice for covering the essentials, and Loyalty Plus plans include a low $50 annual deductible.

Humana Dental Value Plan

Humana Dental Loyalty Plus

Humana Dental Preventive Plus



Humana offers individual vision insurance in Florida for an affordable monthly rate. Benefits include Lasik surgery, contacts, eye glass lenses and frames.

Humana Florida Vision Care Plan


Critical Illness

Humana Financial Protection Critical Illness coverage offers a cash benefit when you are diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition such as cancer or heart disease.

Humana One Critical Illness Brochure


Life Insurance

If you’re shopping for life insurance, Humana is a great carrier to consider for its financial security and continued expansion as an insurer. A few policies are currently offered to Floridians, including the Junior Estate Builder for children and Memorial Fund for adults through Humana Financial Protection.

Humana Junior Estate Builder

Humana Memorial Fund


For current listing of available plans both on and off the exchange in Florida, get a personalized health insurance quote.


Need help with insurance terms? See our health insurance glossary for definitions to commonly used verbiage.

Receive a free quote in seconds to find individual health plans in your area and apply online for Humana. Call a licensed Florida agent for more details or assistance at 888 803 5917.

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