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A bit of history on Coventry in Florida: Coventry is a national health insurance company that in 2007 made its entrance into the Florida Health Insurance market by purchasing Vista Health Plan, a local South Florida HMO.  With that purchase, Coventry was immediately taken seriously by us as brokers due to the strength of Vista’s reputation and network.  Having handled many of the county plans for both Medicaid, Healthy Kids, the Broward School Board, etc. Vista had already cemented its reputation with the Florida government and general population.

Still, Coventry was relatively unknown inside of Florida due to the fact that they never sold a plan in the state before.  When East Coast Health Insurance found out about the sale we were leery that perhaps Vista might lose some of its benefits or have some other problems brought on by a national carrier using its balance to burn a profitable company.  Well, much to our surprise Coventry has probably some of the best plans in the United States dollar for dollar and with their exceedingly rich benefits.  Though their PPO plan does not have affordable health premiums in South Florida, once you get to West Palm Beach and head north, the rates are fantastic.  In West Palm Beach Coventry usually ranks in the top two for price and benefits and many times number one when compared to our other health insurance companies.

Coventry was purchased by Aetna in 2013 and eventually all Coventry plans will be renewed under Aetna.


Years ago, Vista HMO for individuals and families disappeared under the wing of its parent company, taking the name Coventry One. Florida residents are now offered both individual PPO and HMO plans through the same insurer, and for an exceptional value at that. Coventry was acquired by Aetna in 2013.

As Coventry as a whole also provides Medicaid and Medicare coverage and was consistently experiencing positive growth on the stock exchange, Aetna decided to purchase the company. Soon, you will be able to look for Coventry quality (and hopefully pricing) through the Aetna trademark.

Coventry Health Insurance Rates

We recommend you get a Coventry Florida health care quote right now if you live in West Palm Beach health insurance market all the way to Jacksonville, Florida health insurance market.  Their plans include emergency room co-pays and many diagnostics covered as well.  And of course, they cover all doctors visits and preventative care. The differences between Coventry and our other Florida plans such as United, Humana, or Cigna are enormous.  I as a health insurance consumer myself would recommend Coventry ahead of those other carriers based on benefits alone.

Indeed, in most counties and age groups Coventry will also be less expensive.  Compare your current health insurance company and others to Coventry at our Florida health quote page where you can see up to 7 Florida health insurance companies at one time!  Although the other companies most likely have stronger networks in Florida, Coventry is going to be closing in on them by the end of the year.  They are adding doctors daily and already have almost every major hospital in Florida already.


Coventry Health Care Nationally

Coventry Health Care, Inc. is a national managed health care company operating health plans, insurance companies, network rental services companies and workers’ compensation services companies. Through its Business divisions, Coventry provides a full range of risk and fee-based managed care products and services to a broad cross section of individuals, employer and government-funded groups, government agencies, and other insurance carriers and plan administrators. Over the years, Coventry has produced a solid record of outstanding customer service, financial security and consistent growth in all areas of business.

Coventry Plan Brochures

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