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Cigna has a provider network of nearly 32,300 health care professionals and over 230 hospitals through the state of Florida. Cigna’s Florida individual and family health insurance plans are a relatively new entrant to the Florida health insurance world, though over the past several years they have grown rapidly.  Actually their individual health plan quote system only became available in February of 2009.  Still I have to rate their plan very highly in this market.  Please see my individual health plan reviews for Cigna below.  East Coast Health Insurance of course offers Instant Cigna Florida health insurance comparison quotes.



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Cigna Florida Review


Pricing A+

Cigna is definitely the cheapest Florida health insurance company.  I recently asked our agent representative about this, Mr. Alex Cordova.  “Cigna is actually not keeping their Florida health insurance rates low at all.  This is our plan pricing with our built in profit margin which is similar to the other carriers for these type of policies.”  So I wondered what this meant, as Cigna is probably 30% lower then every other company in town in Florida, and I couldn’t figure out why and more importantly how.

Cigna actually has more affordable Florida health insurance rates then their non profit competition from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida and AvMed as well.  The one thing I could definitely conclude was that Mr. Cordova was certain that Cigna would not have any price increase greater then their competition next year.

So if you invested in a Cigna individual plan, chances are that you will be staying with them for another year as well.

Benefits B+

Cigna plans are simple with some extra benefits.  They have office visit co-pays and even a great prescription plan but everything else goes towards your deductible. When top-shelf clients come to us looking for the best plans we offer in Florida, we direct them to off-exchange Humana and Cigna.

Customer Service B+

From personal experience calling their Member and Broker Service departments, I can attest to Cigna’s attention to detail in hiring and training their employees. Short hold times, quick answers to premium, benefit and claims questions – no complaints!

Please email me if you have had a positive experience with Cigna, or negative of course as well, so we can keep this little Florida consumer report article growing.  For more company plan reviews please click on the Florida health insurance company pictures below as we are always updating and keeping your comments alive in our Florida Health Insurance Consumer Report section.

For information about applying or follow the link to purchase a Cigna Florida health insurance plan.  For more information about Cigna and all Florida health insurance companies prior to purchase or post purchase please call ECHealthInsurance.com at 888.803.5917 during normal business hours.