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AvMed CEO on the Record


Health Insurance CEO from AvMed Health Plans

Endorses Universal Coverage for All Americans

Avmed is one of our two favorite health insurance carriers. We proudly support their health reform efforts and truly believe that they are one of the few examples of what is right in health insurance in Florida.

If you are shopping for health coverage in Florida, we would very much like you to consider Avmed health insurance plans. Not just because they are good health plans – but because it is a good company that is not for profit and have been treating South Florida very well for nearly forty years.  And moreover, in Broward County they are usually the most inexpensive carrier in nearly every demographic category.

Please visit our Avmed page for a free Avmed Florida health insurance quote. Unfortunately, they are not available in our quote engine yet to the greed of some corporations who stifle their development as they do not have the funds for this so called “service.”

AvMedq Health Insurance Quote

Plans AvMed Health Plans is one of Florida’s oldest and largest not-for-profit health plans and provides highly personalized service to over 270,000 Floridians, principally through their employers, but also directly to individuals and Medicare members as well.

As President and CEO of SantaFe HealthCare and its family of community-based, mission-driven companies comprising AvMed Heath Plans, Haven Hospice and SantaFe Senior Living, which includes North Florida Retirement Village, I personally experience each and every day the positive impact that our nearly 2,000 committed employees make on the lives of Floridians through all stages of life.

AvMed supports substantial insurance market reforms that would combine guarantee-issue coverage with an enforceable individual health insurance requirement and premium assistance to make coverage affordable, while eliminating pre-existing condition exclusions and ratings based on health status in the individual market.

These reforms are part of a truly bipartisan health care reform measure in the Senate Finance Committee. We support the Finance Committee bill because it builds upon the existing employer-based system, which currently covers 177 million Americans according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The Senate Finance Committee bill does not establish a government-run plan.

A government-run plan using Medicare reimbursement rates would erode the employer-based system, significantly increase costs for those who remain in private coverage, and add additional deficits to the already challenged federal budget. A government-run plan takes a one-size-fits-all approach to benefit designs which could drastically reduce the public’s choice of doctors and treatment options. Instead, AvMed supports strong market rules and consumer protections that will ensure that nobody falls through the cracks and will do so without disrupting the coverage of tens of millions of Americans who like and want to keep their current health plans.

According to a recent Milliman study, an average family of four already pays a hidden tax of more than $1,700 annually on their premiums because Medicare and Medicaid significantly underpay hospitals and physicians, compared to their actual costs of delivering medical care.

To offset these inadequate payments, providers pass on higher costs to individuals, families and employers in the private sector. There is widespread consensus about the need for comprehensive reform and the government-run plan has, unfortunately, become a litmus test for reform.

Congress should abandon the idea of a government-run plan, achieve comprehensive reform and get about the business of providing all Americans access to quality, affordable health care coverage.

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