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AvMed Health Insurance in South Florida, who just released their individual health insurance plans within the past few years, is one of the best kept secrets in Florida Health Insurance. Their plans are priced extremely competitively and their benefits rank up there with the best from every other Florida health carrier.


Their traditional AvMed Plus Plans include office visits, prescriptions coverage, and low deductible plans. What we like the best at East Coast Health Insurance is that their plans have no small print. Preventative care is covered, and unlike many other PPO’s and POS plans they don’t have any restrictions for normal health.  Please read our AvMed Customer Review Press Release.

AvMed gets among the best reviews from its Florida health insurance clients.


AvMedq Health Insurance Quote


The AvMed plans are very traditional, in that they offer copays for office visits as well as prescription drug coverage.  The best health insurance plan that they offer is their AvMed Plus Plan.  The HSA health insurance policy from AvMed is very good as well, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to afford an HSA plan in today’s economy, as it leaves most people with a high deductible and all of the medical costs to pay for before the deductible is reached.  Therefore, East Coast Health Insurance never recommends the HSA plan if the traditional copay plans are available.

Since the AvMed health insurance plans have been released, we have sold quite a few of their health insurance policies and we are finding that the best pricing is in the Fort Lauderdale – Broward County Health insurance market.  With the costs of prescriptions making health insurance so expensive, AvMed has made their plans even more accessible by offering to strip out the prescription coverage if the client wants which can lower the premium even further.  AvMed has often been the price leader in Broward County, and has become the first plan that I reach for when I get a Broward County health insurance shopper on the phone.

AvMed has continuously earned the top spot in the annual Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey. AvMed’s score of 77% is also above the national average of 64%. You can imagine how happy AvMed’s clients will be to have this sort of yardstick to measure and compare health plans. Especially when Florida’s top-ranked plan costs no more — and often less — than other competing health plans.

AvMed’s commercial and Medicare products were given the highest rating of “Excellent” by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). They have also ranked highest in member satisfaction among commercial health plans in Florida by J.D. Power and Associates for four consecutive years.

AvMed’s health insurance plans are now available on our health insurance quote engine for residents of South Florida.

AvMed Pricing

AvMed understands that no matter what life stage you’re in: opening a business, starting a family or sending kids to college… you want the security of knowing you have the coverage you need at prices you can afford.
Okay, that last line is straight from their brochure, but this I will tell anyone considering Florida Health Insurance Plans from AvMed: they pay the lowest commissions to agents of any health insurance company in Florida. Why is this important? Because AvMed only pays 16% commissions to their top brokers, that means there is more room to be competitive with Blue Cross Blue Shield or many other Florida Health Insurance companies.
Even with this considerable disadvantage, AvMed is still cheaper than Blue Cross, that is correct, AvMed is cheaper for individuals than Blue Cross. Guess who owns Broward County in terms of price right now?  That’s right, its not the mob, its AvMed.
Their plans have been the lowest priced in Broward County in previous years, though for an HMO the pricing is fantastic.

AvMed Individual & Family Health Quote


AvMed Health Insurance


AvMed Health Plans has been serving Floridians for over 35 years. AvMed provides you with the personalized service and support you need to take the stress out of health care coverage.

They are the only Florida Health Insurance Company that will answer the phone within a minute and will even call you if your policy is about to lapse. Now with their AvMed Individual Health plans which are flexible enough to fit almost anyone’s needs and with their very large South Florida Network of Doctors and Hospitals, AvMed is one of the few good buys in Health Insurance.


To find an AvMed provider, you will either go to our AvMed provider link or call us at 888 803 5917 for assistance.

AvMed Product Brochure

AvMed Application

Fax to 954-571-4143


AvMed Individual Plans


AvMed Engage

High quality care at a low cost, Engage plans cover many services for a copay, prevention at no cost, prescription drugs and maternity care. Select a Primary Care Physician (PCP) and save a ton of money utilizing the AvMed network.

Engage LS 400

Engage LS 500


AvMed Empower

Empower plans give members the ability to see any doctor or visit any hospital in the country and receive coverage. Based on the network you select, your copayments, deductible, and coinsurance will differ, but you will always receive a high quality level of care with AvMed providers. These plans also cover preventive care in full when you use the AvMed network.

Empower MP 100

Empower MG 200

Empower MS 400


AvMed HSA-Qualified

These plans are high deductible health plans that can be combined with a health savings account. Connecting an HSA to your plan helps you to monitor your medical spending with an account reserved specifically for health care costs. AvMed also offers online tools to help you manage your account and plan for the future.

*An HSA is a specialized bank account, banking fees will apply.



AvMed Premier

Open Access HMO health insurance with no referrals needed for a specialist. A strong South Florida network includes a quality selection of Premier One physicians, specialists and pharmacies.

Premier MS 200

Premier MB 400

AvMed Agility

Featuring one of Florida’s most robust provider networks, this plan covers the care you need locally and nationally.

Agility MS100


AvMed Catastrophic

Low-cost, high-quality coverage for individuals under 30.

Catastrophic 100



Please see the AvMed Health Insurance CEO’s Health Reform Views

Avmed Health Insurance Premium Rates in South Florida (pdf)