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Aetna Florida

Aetna has become a major force in Florida Health Insurance again. Having one of the strongest and best run companies in America doesn’t hurt either. Aetna Health Insurance is now finally affordable to everyone in Florida.

If you currently live in Florida and are paying too much for your health insurance, or you think you can’t afford health insurance now is the time to look at Aetna’s New Health Insurance plans for Individuals and Families. You have access to Aetna’s network of 912,000 providers and your health is their primary concern. For an Aetna health insurance quote in Florida now, please visit our Florida health insurance quote page.


There are a variety of plan options offered by Aetna in Florida, where an individual is able to choose a plan that best meets their specific needs and budget. As health care reform emphasizes the need for more economical health insurance options for individuals, Aetna continues to penetrate the market with their ever evolving benefit enhancements and competitive premium costs.

Aetna Individual Plans in Florida

Aetna continues to provide Open Access, Copay Only and High Deductible plan designs, and are now organized by metallic tier – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Browse current plan options in the brochure below or read about each policy type and view a Summary of Benefits.


Compare all Florida Individual Plans: Plan Brochure

Catastrophic Plans in Florida

Aetna pays for hospital care, picks up your annual physical and a few additional office visits for a copay (for applicants under age 30 only).


Catastrophic 100% Savings Plus HMO PD


Bronze Plans in Florida

Bronze coverage has the most affordable monthly premiums, but high deductibles can make them a less than ideal option for everyone. These plans are great if you only need a few office visits per year or to avoid the tax penalty for being uninsured. If you have prescriptions to cover and expect to use the policy often, you may find the $20 copay plan is an affordable option.


Bronze Deductible HSA HMO PD

Bronze $20 Copay Savings Plus HMO PD


Silver Plans in Florida

Silver policies offer lower copays upfront for healthcare services like primary and specialist doctor visits, and much less exposure than a Bronze-level plan.


Silver $10 Copay Savings Plus HMO PD

Silver $5 Copay 2750 Savings Plus HMO PD

Gold Plans in Florida

Gold policies offer the highest level of Aetna coverage and you pay 20% after deductible on services such as hospitalization and chiropractic care. Copays are fixed for prescriptions and office visits, and Gold plans include the lowest level of out-of-pocket expenses.


Gold $5 Copay Savings Plus HMO PD


Now remember just because Aetna is better then most carriers in Florida doesn’t mean they are the best in your zip code or demographic. Always get a comparison health insurance quote or call us for help at 888.803.5917.

Aetna B+

They are the opposite of Blue Cross Blue Shield as I actually love everything about this company.  Their benefits are better then everyone else’s, their customer service excels and they get no special treatment from anyone. Though they have engineered some new plans we are most likely to recommend them in Northern Florida and South Miami.


Aetna Health Premiums B-

If I would have written this in January I would have given them a D+ except in Miami Dade where Aetna was very competitive.  Part of the reason for the Aetna rates being so high was in fact because they are a good, moral company who tried to cover everyone and they got burned hard when their claims came back.  Thus they had a hard increase last year.  Now with the release of their great, new plans we are back on the Aetna bus and loving it.


Aetna Benefits B+

Awesome benefits, only Blue Cross has slightly better benefits.  Everyone is different and depending on how much you spend per year on medical costs will determine which we plan we show you.  Though if I had my choice everyone in Florida would either have Coventry, Blue Cross, or Aetna.  Indeed these are the three leaders in South Florida individual health insurance.


Aetna Customer Service Grade ?

Usually I would give a grade here, but coincidentally I called Aetna twice recently and both times was on hold for an extended period of time.  This of course is the broker line and Aetna does have excellent customer service and is certainly one of the easiest companies to work with in Florida the other is United (though they are certainly nowhere close to Aetna, Blue Cross, or Cigna in the individual Florida health insurance market.)


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