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Florida Health Insurance Companies

Florida Individual Health Insurance Companies

This is our table of contents for the Florida health insurance companies pictured below.  You can click on each Florida health insurance provider as well for a good in depth review of that health insurance company.  We have also summarized our reviews into a detailed Florida Health Insurance Company Review.



Health Insurance in Florida

Aetna Florida Health Insurance Plans offer very comprehensive plans and the carrier provides excellent service. Aetna clients are among the most satisfied of any Florida Health Insurance Company.



Avmed Individual Health Insurance plans are currently available in Broward and Dade Counties exclusively, challenging Blue Cross in price, and local service in South Florida is the best!


Cigna Florida Individual Health Insurance provides their Individual Health Plans in most of Florida with great pricing, and decent benefits. Many times, they are the least expensive carrier in the most demographics.


Coventry One of Florida is often one of the most affordable options in each demographic in Florida, whether you shop on or off the Marketplace.



Humana One in Florida is usually always in the top 3 in pricing in every county, textbook health coverage, no small print – they do exactly as they should. Also a great carrier to consider for cost and value whether you shop directly with Humana, or use Healthcare.gov to purchase a low-cost, subsidized plan.


United Health One/Golden Rule offers a great prescription plan, and in many counties is the price leader and perhaps the best network in Florida Health Insurance.


Avalon, Freedom and Time in Florida Health Insurance

The rest of the truth is that companies like Avalon or Freedom or Time usually don’t have their own networks of doctors so because of that they must pay a fee to use other networks such as PHCS, or other networks which are discount plan networks.  Thus their cost structures are inherently higher than the major Florida health insurance companies.  And while they don’t try to have the infinite coinsurance trick they do have to raise the coinsurance to 50% or to a higher maximum to offer the same health insurance premiums as the companies that we sell.  This is not fair and companies like Avalon do deserve a better chance to succeed, but for now it is not possible and I advise all our clients to stick with the major health insurance companies.


The Coinsurance Trick in Florida Health Insurance

The other fact of these health insurance companies like Time and Freedom is that in order to get health insurance brokers to sell them they have to offer high commissions usually to the tune of 30% minimally.  This also ends up eating into your coverage and their own competitiveness.

Given the choice a health insurance broker would much rather offer a name brand company and this is a ploy to get agents unfortunately.  The common health insurance commission should be no more 25% and that is the percent paid to the wholesaler, the retail or individual health insurance broker should only get 20%.

As you can see, there are only a few respectable health insurance companies in Florida.  As corporate buyouts continue to narrow options nationally, there will be even fewer carriers in the future.


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