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Tampa Health Insurance


Tampa, Hillsborough County Health Insurance Companies

In in the Tampa area, health insurers include Aetna, Cigna, Coventry, Humana and United Health Care. Because health insurance pricing varies from place to place, and we recommend each of these reliable companies, we highlighted the most affordable plans in Tampa.


Aetna offers a variety of plans in Florida, from basic Value plans to HMOs. As one of the longest and smoothest running health insurers in the nation, and competitive within the state of Florida, Aetna is certainly one of our top recommendations. Their network gives you access to 912,000 doctors and hospitals in the state, and individual health insurance is one of their specialties. In Tampa, they offer HMO plans as well as PPOs and health savings account plans for a range of deductibles and coverage options, including prescription drugs and dental.


Cigna has been gaining traction in the Florida health insurance market over the past three years since its introduction of individual health plans. These plans have some of the most affordable premiums you can find within the state, in any region, and Tampa/Hillsborough County is no exception. Though their plans are very simple, some Floridians are welcoming of less benefits for a lower cost if they know they will not need to use the extra services covered by other companies. Cigna’s plans in Tampa connect their members to the Cigna PPO network, and also grant the opportunity to open a health savings account with their HSA plans.


The individual health insurance program from Coventry has been providing people all over the country with low cost, high quality coverage for many years, and helping Tampa residents afford health insurance for the past five. Their plans offer ease and simplicity as well as great prices. In the Tampa area, Coventry One offers PPO plans of various levels, and HSAs as well. We often recommend their products as they are very benefit-rich considering their price range. Coventry One also has a great network with plenty of providers to choose from.


Humana offers an incredible group of products for great prices through their individual line Humana One. For individuals and families, Humana One tends to have some of the lowest cost, most benefit-rich plans in the state of Florida, including the city of Tampa and its surrounding areas. In the Tampa region, they offer ten different HMO plans, 91 PPOs, and 29 Health Savings Account plans, giving the area an astounding number of options. With several network and pricing options, Humana One has created something for everyone in Florida.


UnitedHealthOne is the individual product from one of the nation’s best health insurance companies, Golden Rule, and one of the health care industry’s largest influences, United Healthcare. Together forming UnitedHealthOne, Tampa residents can usually find the lowest monthly rates for a sizable PPO network and great coverage for any demographic. They currently offer 22 different PPO plans in your area, with varying deductibles and premiums to fit many budgets. UnitedHealthOne has consistently offered low rates on policies and fair coverage through a very reputable network for many years in Florida.



Tampa Health Insurance Sample Quote

For a quick look at policy options in Hillsborough County, we ran a quote for the city of Tampa looking at plans offered off exchange. Humana, Aetna and UnitedHealthcare – soon to be the only carriers in the nation – offer the only options in Tampa, as well.



  • Lives in Hillsborough County
  • 40 years old
  • Non-smoker


Plan Criteria:

  • Lowest premiums from each carrier
  • Reasonable deductible and out of pocket limit
  • Office visit copay


Aetna 33601

Humana 33601

UHC 33601