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Port St. Lucie Health Insurance

Port St. Lucie Florida Health Insurance Quotes

In Port St. Lucie, East Coast Health Insurance offers four great health insurance companies to choose from.  We ran a few sample quotes to get a sense of the market so we could make some initial recommendations, however, be advised that our quotes will be different from yours and different companies might be more affordable for different demographics.  In most instances, however, if a company is near the top for one demographic, they tend to be there for all of them.

Companies currently offering health insurance plans in Port St Lucie include Aetna, Cigna, Humana and United.  There are others of course, but they are going to be less desirable in terms of price and benefits due to market pressures and economies of scale.

So, which company offers the best value currently?  Well, for a 36 year old male, that would be Cigna.  Cigna revamped its plan late last year to include plenty of great plan benefits such as emergency room copay and other benefits, many of which we recommended to them and apparently they listened!

Near the end of the pricing model are Aetna and United, however, they both have the best networks and in some demographics they are going to kick butt.  But for 36 year old males, they are not necessarily the most economical or benefit rich plans.