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Pompano Beach Health Insurance

Pompano Beach Florida Health Insurance Quotes

Pompano Beach has a population of just under 100,000 residents and there are plenty of health insurance companies to provide medical coverage in this town. Currently  Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Molina and United Health One offer individual health insurance in Pompano Beach. This is a wide variety of options, which is great but can also get confusing to the health insurance newcomer. Not to worry, Every Choice Health Insurance agents are always ready to sort through plans with you personally, and guide you to ultimately deciding on the best possible plan for you and your family. Our licensed agents can be reached at 888 803 5917.

Since Every Choice Health Insurance is your next-door neighbor in Deerfield Beach, we understand the Pompano market thoroughly, and are always willing to answer any health insurance questions with you. Here is a brief guide through the companies and the most affordable plans available in your city, which will hopefully help you to get a better idea of what to select. The best way to find out which insurance plan is right for you is to fill out a quote, which only takes a few seconds, and select a price range that works for you.


Pompano Beach Health Insurance Companies

Aetna – they have come down on price since last year which was without doubt too high.  But again, Aetna has an outstanding network and claims paying is a cinch.  Still, in Pompano they are not near the top of pricing but they are certainly very competitive with the mid tier.  Aetna also has the easiest underwriting and are the only ones besides Cigna which will consider chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Cigna – this carrier is near the top in pricing and having fast and fair underwriting.  They are not number one in pricing but are usually in Pompano like 2 or 3.  They have gotten better every year and now their plans even have copayments for the ER and certain procedures without a deductible.  This is an awesome plan and possibly the best alternative for those that like HMO benefits with PPO networks.

Humana – these guys are killing it in Pompano as they are by far the most affordable plan.  Their claims paying is decent and their underwriting is fast and fair.  In most cases, they are your best option in Pompano.

United Health One – one of the most financially stable carriers, now offering only Short Term Medical and ancillary insurance plans for individuals in Florida.


Pompano Beach Health Insurance Sample Quote

Buying individual coverage in Pompano on the exchange is the new way to get covered. Many residents qualify for financial assistance with their premiums and cost sharing, notably on silver plans, which is what we used in this example.

Several carriers offer affordable options for tax credit-eligible residents in Broward County, and we searched for the following criteria.



  • Lives in Broward County, 33060
  • 30 years old
  • Non-smoker
  • $30,000-per-year income


Plan Criteria:

  • Silver level
  • Lowest premiums from each carrier
  • Office visit copay


The most affordable option is Coventry One at $184 per month for this 30-year-old Pompano resident, but it will vary with different ages and incomes. With a $10 copay for primary care visits, this is a reasonable policy.

Another plus is the $500 copay for emergency room visits, but if you’ll notice, the competition is high. Runners-up Aetna and Molina offer $400 and $250 copays, respectively, for ER visits. Their premiums are considerably higher, however.

A good example of balance across multiple cost factors is the Molina Marketplace plan, though. The premium is reasonable, the deductible is low, and copays are agreeable. While the out-of-pocket limit is at the Obamacare-established cap, the rest of the plan will work if you’re trying to save money and use healthcare often.


The following are the top silver plans in Pompano Beach from each available carrier:

Let us know if you’re interested in applying for coverage on the Florida marketplace. We can help you get enrolled and find the right plan for the right price. Call us at 888.803.5917.


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