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Pembroke Pines Health Insurance

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Pembroke Pines Health Insurance

Pembroke Pines is quite a large city boasting right around 150,000 residents and is a little different from most cities in Broward and Dade, as it borders both.  As far as overall pricing for health insurance, Pembroke Pines is not the most affordable place for health insurance in Florida either. However, its rates are comparable to other nearby cities.

So, who is the most affordable health insurance company in Pembroke Pines? Both are about the same price, however if I have to choose between the plans I would 100% choose Coventry as they have more copayments for more procedures than Humana.

United Health One is fairly expensive in Pembroke Pines for everyone, and that could be because of their larger Navigate network (for off-exchange plans, like the one below) which is obviously costly. If you’re using their on-exchange policies in the Compass network, you’ll find it’s a bit more restrictive. We highly recommend their prescription coverage, especially that included in Gold and Platinum policies.

Coventry has the most valuable plan for the demographic we chose to sample quote in zip code 33082.

Because their plans are so comprehensive it is fairly clear that they have a place in the Pembroke Pines health insurance market, until they are ultimately replaced by Aetna.


Pembroke Pines, Florida Health Insurance Sample Quote


Floridians have the option of buying coverage for a reduced rate through the marketplace, which has perks in being low-cost or free in some cases. Buying a plan direct from the carrier offers larger networks and prescription formularies.

We have included plan options available direct from each individual Pembroke Pines carrier, and show how affordable they can be if you earn over the income threshold for an on-exchange policy. To offer a few deductible options, we chose two Humana plans (Silver and Gold level) within the same price range. The Gold policy is a great value if you consider the copayments and deductible amounts, but it doesn’t top Coventry $5 Copay at $230 per month for a 35-year-old applicant.



  • Lives in 33082
  • 35 years old
  • Non-smoker
  • Ineligible for financial assistance through Healthcare.gov


Plan Criteria:

  • Silver level
  • Lowest premiums from each carrier
  • Office visit copay


Cvty 33082

Humana 33082

Humana Gold 33082

UHC 33082

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