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Miami Health Insurance Plans and Miami Health Insurance Quotes

Miami Health Insurance has gone through a significant change of late, especially since 2009 due to the release of new health insurance plans from older health insurance companies like Cigna, Coventry, and AvMed which released individual health insurance products in the beginning of the year.

Of course, Aetna and United Health One also came out with new plans as well, because in Miami-Dade County especially things are much different then the rest of the country.  So, when you get a Miami Health Insurance Quote you are going to have to do a little more shopping then you would with other companies.

If you like HMO’s (and really, who doesn’t?) then you should certainly look at the South Florida Vista HMO, which is very comprehensive, but a little pricey especially if you have a family. Of course, in Miami, health insurance like every other kind of insurance is a little more expensive then other places.

Miami Individual and Group health insurance has always been a national monument to excessive fraud and graft. This, of course, is like shoplifting, and makes everybody else pay the higher prices. In fact, Miami Individual health insurance is among the most expensive in the country because of this, and this in turn makes more people just not buy it altogether. This makes the people that do buy it pay even higher prices!

Couple this with the large amount of illegal immigration in Miami-Dade county, and its a miracle that the entire city has not slipped into the ocean!




Preferred Medical Plan & Jackson Health System

Additionally, besides all of these carriers we have Preferred Medical Plan which is a truly awful plan because of one fact… your coinsurance goes on infinitely.  This means that you are stuck with 25% of your medical bills which can add up quicker then you think without even being hospitalized.  Of course their network isn’t that strong either, but that is not the issue because you can work around that.

Additionally, Every Choice Health Insurance sends literally thousands of people per year to county health plans and these plans including the Jackson county hospital plan have even smaller networks then Preferred Medical but as anyone that has been on the county plan will tell you, once you have it, it might be a pain in the neck but you are certainly well covered.

In fact, it might be the best health plan in Florida and its basically free.  If I just learned to shut up about it I could have a yacht right now but at our company we have all sworn to send the people of Miami to the proper place even if means no commissions.  In fact, in August we are dedicated this month to Miami and giving our time and resources to getting you covered at our own expense.

If you don’t qualify for a county plan, please call us in order that we might recommend a different plan to you.

Miami Health Insurance Premium and Pricing Comparison


Aetna In Miami Health Insurance

On to other companies, Aetna’s individual Florida health insurance plan is also very inexpensive in Miami health insurance and benefit rich as due to their plan strengths they are unaffected by the amount of fraud in Miami and can still offer a very affordable plan.  Most likely they will be the price leader if you are a single parent with more than one child.


AvMed in Miami Health Insurance

AvMed is a not-for-profit health insurance company based in South Florida, and provides a variety of plans for often higher rates than the major for-profit companies with which you are most familiar. Though they may not be competing very intensely with other companies by offering the lowest premiums, AvMed offers a good product, excellent customer service, and a strong network. Health insurance plans from AvMed are well structured and we would recommend them to anyone.


Cigna in Miami Health Insurance

Cigna is a relatively new entrant into the Miami health insurance market, and even though they are affordable in this demographic of Miami health insurance and in many cases are the price leader, their network is not quite as strong as some other competitors. Of course if you are on a tight budget with a large family, the Florida Cigna health insurance plan will most likely be your best choice.


United, Humana, and Coventry

United, Humana, and Coventry are all respectable companies though none of them compete in any demographic if you live in Miami-Dade. If you currently have one of these plans in either a 330 or 331 zip code in Miami, then I recommend you try our free get a Miami health insurance quote, find your current plan and compare it to the others I mentioned in the article above.


Miami Health Insurance Sample Quote

If you’re looking for the most affordable insurance in Miami, you’ll want to check out your subsidized options through the Health Insurance Marketplace (a.k.a. Obamacare). If you’re like many Miami residents who earn less than 400 percent of poverty, you’ll be shopping on the exchange for discounted rates.

In this example, we quoted a Miami resident who qualifies for a subsidy to lower their premiums on the Florida marketplace.


  • Lives in Miami-Dade County
  • 35 years old
  • Non-smoker
  • $35,000-per-year income


Plan Criteria:

  • Silver level
  • Lowest premiums from each carrier
  • Office visit copay


In this dense and also highly uninsured area, the marketplace offers 137 total policies, including 48 silver plans, which cover 70 percent of total annual medical costs. The competition is high as a variety of carriers serve this county, including Molina, Preferred Medical Plan, Coventry One, Humana, Ambetter, Florida Blue and Aetna.

The best deal in this level appears to be Coventry, as they offer the lowest deductible, lowest copays and a reasonable premium after subsidy. While this resident could save a few dollars with the Preferred Medical plan, there is a higher deductible to meet, yet there are also reasonable copays there, too.

Both of the two least expensive plans are HMOs, so we would recommend checking the networks and seeing which health plan seemed like a better fit.

Here are the best priced silver plans from each carrier on the Florida exchange in Miami:



Keep in mind that your subsidy could be higher or lower than this one, meaning your premium could range anywhere from $5 to $400, and prices also change depending on your age and zip code.

For an accurate quote of your own marketplace or off-exchange coverage, call us at 888 803 5917.