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Affordable Hialeah Health Insurance Quotes

Hialeah is surprisingly the sixth largest city in Florida, but upon further reflection, I suppose that once you are inside of Hialeah it is in fact highly developed and always has traffic.

Back when I used to sell health insurance in people’s homes, I would always have to leave 20 minutes to play with because Hialeah has so much traffic. Wikipedia describes it as dense.

In any case, you didn’t come here to read me reflecting on the population density in Hialeah did you?  So, let’s discuss health insurance in Hialeah.  Because it is located in Miami-Dade, there are many more options than say a Broward or West Palm city.  For instance, there are at least 3 tiny HMO’s floating around Hialeah and Miami such as Preferred Medical Plan and Medica.

It is a well-known fact that Hialeah loves HMO’s and for many years this was the right notion as the PPO’s were just too expensive.  However, now United, Humana and Cigna all offer affordable plans in Hialeah (they are priced within $2 of each other in Hialeah for a 36 year old male) and essentially because they are all so close in price, you can pick the one that has your doctors.  I personally love Cigna because they have an ER copay.

Aetna has plans in Hialeah as well but they come in 15% higher than Cigna, Humana, and United unless you are willing to sacrifice coverage and network.