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Coral Springs Health Insurance

Coral Springs Florida Health Insurance Quotes
Coral Springs, Florida is home to about 120,000 Floridians and is quite a laid back suburban area.  For residents looking to the individual health insurance market, Coral Springs has quite a few carriers and is similar in premium pricing to its more urban neighbor Pompano Beach.

Since health reform changed the scope of individual coverage, plans are available on and off the exchange — but the greatest variety and best deals are on the exchange. If your income exceeds 400 percent of poverty, you may want to shop off-exchange plans, as the networks are larger and you won’t qualify for a subsidy.

Aetna, Cigna, and Humana all offer Coral Springs individual health insurance plans for either single people or families outside the marketplace. On the exchange, you can choose from Florida Blue, Aetna,  Molina, and Ambetter depending on the coverage tier you choose.


Coral Springs Health Insurance Exchange (Obamacare) Sample Quote

To show your options on the exchange, we ran a quote for a Coral Springs resident with subsidy-eligible income. Marketplace plans truly benefit lower income bracket, so even if you make enough to qualify for a small discount, you may find a better value outside the marketplace. We encourage you to look at all of your options during open enrollment.

Here is an example of the marketplace offerings for someone who makes enough to receive a decent tax credit of $124 per month. It’s common to choose silver plans as they offer low premiums and less skimpy coverage.



  • Lives in Broward County
  • 36 years old
  • Non-smoker
  • $22,000-per-year income


Plan Criteria:

  • Silver level
  • Lowest premiums from each carrier
  • Office visit copay


The networks are smaller with exchange plans, but you still get connected to great doctors and facilities in your region for a very reasonable cost, which is a fair trade in most cases.

The discount with your tax credit can be very significant, as you can see from the Humana plan — the deductible and out-of-pocket limit dropped by several thousand dollars. Each premium listed has been reduced by at least $200 per month. If you’re a single individual earning $40,000 per year, though, this cost savings isn’t going to be available.

View the best-priced Coral Springs silver healthcare marketplace options from each company below.


Call us for assistance with your personal quote or any health insurance questions at 888 803 5917.  And remember, our offices are right down the street from Coral Springs in Deerfield Beach at 426 W Hillsboro Blvd so come by and say hi!