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Why Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach Florida Articles?

East Coast Health Insurance is the leading authority on Boca Raton, Florida health insurance.  Making our residence in Boca Raton since 1980 something, I have graduated from every school possible including Logger’s Run Middle, Spanish River and then graduated Olympic Heights in 1993.  Then guess where I went?  That’s right, Florida Atlantic University, where I took insurance in my senior year as a business elective.

As I am a 34 year old male in Boca Raton, my health insurance plan right now is the United Health One.  And though it is a generally decent and very dependable plan, as well as having an outstanding prescription benefit as compared to other Florida health insurance plans as well as having the best network in Florida health insurance, it has none of the flash of the other providers available in Boca Raton.  Specifically the fantastic Vista HMO plan, the Coventry plan, (whom recently purchased Vista in order to make a grand entrance into the Florida health insurance market).

So while the United Health Care/Golden Rule plan is totally acceptable, I would choose from a costs basis the Coventry Florida health insurance plan, unless I was taking expensive medication/prescriptions.  Why?  Because Coventry has benefits before your deductible, not just after.  Emergency Room visit?  No problem copay with Vista and Coventry.  Abnormal, expensive testing?  No problem with Vista or Coventry.  With Avmed, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and United Health One or Golden Rule Health (same company btw) it goes towards your deductible.

Of course, if I am a single (I am married, my wife has her own plan) male browsing Boca Raton health insurance quotes and shopping the previous paragraph will hold true.  Once you enter in family or assorted other variables such as pre-existing conditions, the model is no longer valid.  If I am shopping for a family plan, most likely Coventry will be the least expensive, or if you are willing to forgo some pre-deductible benefits than Cigna will be the most affordable Boca Raton, Florida health insurance plan.

Below is a picture of where me and my wife live and we are in the top floor penthouse to the right.  Please come by, and tell me how much you love my website, and how easy I have made shopping for health insurance in Boca Raton.

Mizner Park, Boca Raton

Deerfield Beach Health Insurance Quote

Deerfield Beach: population who cares!  Why I am devoting a web post to the subject is because in Florida health insurance Deerfield Beach can be an unfortunate anomaly.  Why is this?  Because Deerfield Beach is in Broward, but the zip code is 33441 or 33442.  This means that the zip code is indicative of West Palm Beach, and perhaps when they came up with the zip code idea it was supposed to be.  But now it is just a weird place to shop for health insurance.

Just so you know our Florida health insurance brokerage home office is in the Bank Atlantic building on Hillsboro Beach Boulevard, and this is just another reason for this post.  But if you are ever near me, I beg you to please stop by and say hello.  East Coast Health Insurance is on the third floor, Suite 303, and we are really nice.  Just ask for Jeremy.

Anyways, if you live in Deerfield Beach and are in the market for a Deerfield Beach health insurance policy, I would not recommend Blue Cross Blue Shield as they are very expensive in Broward county, and actually the only companies that are affordable are Vista, AvMed, and Cigna.  Sometimes Humana and Golden Rule/United Health One are competitive in Broward but only in strange demographics.

Though Deerfield Beach is the anomaly with Golden Rule because of the 334 zip code, which is similar to the situation that Golden Rule finally fixed (too late, if you ask me as I already got in trouble with them for recommending clients use the less expensive address if it was available) with Miami, Dade health insurance plans being the same price as Coral Springs because of the zip code 330 prefix and the software thinking they were both Miami.

Now that Golden Rule has finally fixed the problem, they are no longer competitive (or if they are they are usually not the best choice for people) in Broward health insurance quote comparisons.   This is an actual Deerfield Beach health insurance case that we quoted and sold.

So in conclusion, if you are in the market for a health insurance plan and live in Deerfield Beach, I would recommend pricing Vista first as it has the most superior health benefits, and if you decide against the HMO route, then you would simply pick the least expensive of the three remaining providers and Avmed will usually win depending on your demographic and medical history, because Avmed are some picky underwriters.

The third company is Humana or Cigna, and in the rare case of Deerfield Beach, because of its zip code Golden Rule might come out with the best pricing for you.