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The Florida Health Insurance Regions

Florida is one of the largest states in the country, and therefore is almost like having four different health insurance markets in one state.  The Florida Health Insurance Market is made up of a few different regions including South Florida, North Florida, Northwest Florida, and Southwest Florida.  In all four regions, and in between, there can be as many eight different companies are as few as four.  At Every Choice Health Insurance, we pride ourselves in only dealing with the top, reputable health insurance companies so we don’t include any discount plans or sub-par companies that might be sold by many other Florida health insurance brokers.

The South Florida region is Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach County and is the most urban and dense region of the state.  This is not necessarily a good thing as prices in the Southern region of Florida are the highest in the state by far.  Why?  Fraud, and cronyism of course. Additionally, the legal profession, which is quite barbaric in actuality, has left a permanent stain of lawsuits and egregious claims on the medical profession.  This fact by no means absolves the medical profession of its part in the counties health costs woes either, and the doctors in South Florida are a very rich and powerful lobby on the government in Tallahassee and nationally to of course.

The Florida Health Insurance Marketplace

North Florida, including the Northeast part of Florida and Jacksonville all the way to Martin County, is more like Georgia, and though there is less choice in the region as far as health insurance companies, it is certainly not an issue as premiums are so much lower.  This is actually true of the entire rest of the state in Florida, as South Florida is known as the smelly armpit of not just Florida but of the country.  Any good crime and fraud has either started, concluded, or gained traction in Florida, and the esteemed Bernie Madoff even spent a good amount of time in the Worth Avenue Palm Beach area where in fact many of the fine stores have shut their doors after the financial scandal ruined so many lives and businesses.  Not everything is Madoff’s fault, however, and the economic situation has ravaged South Florida in the worst way as our housing market is completely shot and our economy is teetering as many of our population is forced to move out the area. Nevertheless, this is a health insurance site not a Florida social studies class. As such, we will use this page to be our heading where we will delve into the health insurance products and premiums available in every major region and county in Florida, running sample premium cases and investigating and grading the health insurance companies that do business here.

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