First of all, if you are shopping for Florida individual and family health insurance you came to the right place. 

We offer the ability to buy a quote and purchase a policy right here on this site.

Every Choice Health Insurance is also located in South Florida, in the city of Deerfield Beach.



Our Promise to You

We offer both individual and family health insurance quotes from every major Florida health insurance company, on and off the Exchange.

And because we started in Florida, no one knows the market better than us — and this includes our expansive database of Florida Government Health Assistance plans for those that don’t qualify for individual health coverage.

I personally researched that article for several hours, and spent even longer updating our Florida County Health Plan database which consists of free plans offered by all Florida counties.  I also have an extensive list of Florida Free Public Clinics for those that are between health plans and need to see a doctor but can’t pay for it. There are more resources available here so please explore our Florida Public Assistance section.

If you are wondering why I spent so much time on this, it is because I believe that all Floridians (everyone, really) has a right to medical care whether they can pay for it or not, whether you are suffering from an uninsurable condition, or are just between jobs. 

We have also spent a considerable amount of time educating our agents in the various government health plans available to the needy, so please call our trained Florida agents anytime to help you answer your questions, from where is the local Medicaid office to which Public Health Plan would be best for a child.

We do this at no charge, and if one of our agents is not helpful or doesn’t offer you the kind of attention that I am promising, please call back (888 803 5917) and ask to speak to Jeremy or Caroline Ehrenthal, and we will personally address all of your concerns.

East Coast Health Insurance Florida Quotes


Florida’s Health Insurance Companies

And Our Florida Health Quote Engine

Our quote engine can currently display quotes from Aetna, AvMed, Cigna, Humana, Molina and United.

Every Choice Health Insurance also offers nearly 100 pages on Florida health insurance to research every conceivable question.  We have a page or more on every Florida health insurance company and are constantly updating and answering new questions for this site.  If you think we are missing something, we encourage you to mention on our contact/feedback page and we will add it right away.


Things to Be Careful of when Shopping for Health Insurance in Florida

Never buy a discount plan unless it’s AAA and includes three car tows a year. These are not necessary and will sometimes hurt you more than help you as they might impede us from getting you a social program through the county, state, or federal government. If you are about to buy a discount or mini-med plan, unless it is to be paired with an actual health insurance policy with a high deductible (AND EVEN AT THAT POINT YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED), you should pick the phone and call us at 888 803 5917.


What are Your Specific Health Insurance Benefit Priorities?

What separates most of our happy customers from the ones that pay their bills with a frown every month, are the ones who have the Florida health insurance plans from Coventry, Cigna or AvMed.

What separates these medical insurance plans? It is, in fact, that they have co-pays for everything else besides just office visits and prescriptions. This plan type, specifically the Coventry plan in my case, has saved me hundreds of dollars per year in medical costs as it is very comprehensive.

I am not preaching that HMO’s here are the only health insurance plans to buy, but I will tell you that if you are willing to put up with certain things you will save money over the course of a year.  For instance, if you tend to go to the emergency room or have diagnostic testing, etc., then these type of Florida health insurance plans are usually ideal.


Florida Health Insurance Policy Points


– If you live in Florida and cannot afford health insurance, you might be able to qualify for a reduced-cost Health Insurance Marketplace (or Obamacare) policy.

– Only buy health insurance from a broker that offers multiple health insurance companies.  One that doesn’t is not acting in your best interest.

 – Call Every Choice Health Insurance at 888 803 5917 for all your Florida health insurance needs.