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Think quality health care is out of reach?  Think again.  Miami-Dade Blue offers quality, affordable health care coverage, to keep your family healthy for less.  We make it simple for you to go to the doctor for routine visits, get prescription medications, lab tests, hospital stays or surgeries, dental check-ups and more.  Designed in collaboration with Miami-Dade County, this insurance policy is just for  people live or work in Miami-Dade.  With the most affordable premiums in the industry Blue Cross is stepping into the future. All plans average $100 per month across all demographics! Most are less!  Get a Miami Dade Blue health insurance quote now!

There is only one Miami Dade Blue plan, so no confusing benefit charts to study and compare.  There is only one because that is the only one that you need to look at.  How does it work? 

Its simple and very comprehensive.  The Miami Blue Cross Blue Shield plan has a $250 deductible per year.  That is all!  Before  that deductible they cover office visits and prescriptions and most testing and routine procedures.  For the same plan as a traditional plan in Miami you would actually receive a $5000 deductible.  

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Miami-Dade Blue for Individuals and Small Groups

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Offering what its creators believe could be a model for affordable health insurance nationwide, a unique public-private partnership announced Tuesday a plan aimed at helping the estimated 600,000 uninsured in Miami-Dade County.Called Miami-Dade Blue, the county worked with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida to develop a plan that would cost a healthy 35-year-old male about $100 a month.  ''This is going to be not only cutting edge but truly a national model,'' said Janet Perkins of the Office of Countywide Healthcare Planning. ``This is not the sole solution to everyone's needs, but we have done our damnedest to make this work.''



Miami Health Insurance Just Got Better


The new Miami Dade Blue Cross Blue Shield plan is by the most affordable Miami Health Insurance available right now and has been our most successful product.  If I didn't know better, I would actually think that we Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida as that is all we sell all day.  And we are indeed proud to be offering the most successful health insurance plan that has ever been introduced in Miami.  When I say successful, I mean that is offering comprehensive Florida health insurance to the entire Miami Dade population.  This has not happened in nearly 10 years.  Miami Health Insurance rates are among the highest in the country due to fraud and excessive tort and otherwise expensive administration due to tort. 


The Miami Dade Blue plan is to set the record straight, a plan with a deductible of only $250!  If I were to offer you another Miami health insurance plan right now with a $250 deductible you would be paying at least $400, and that would assume you are a 40 year male.  If you are female or older a typical Miami health insurance plan will run closer to $500 for a $250 deductible. 


The next great feature is the coinsurance.  The coinsurance on this plan is not a hidden ticking time bomb.  It is really the most simple, elegant Florida health insurance plan ever developed by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, it has an out of pocket maximum of only $2000 per year.  Combined with the coinsurance that means you would only be responsible for a maximum of $2250 per year should you happen to fall sick.   This example is for in-network charges.  The out of network fees on this Miami-Dade health insurance plan would include a $750 deductible, (which is less than the best plan offered by Aetna, Avmed, Cigna, Humana, United, or Coventry) and an out of pocket of $5000 per year.  Though remember, this scenario only occurs if you to do a provider or hospital not in the Miami Dade Blue network. 


The Miami Dade Blue Network

Of course the network is growing quickly, and it is important for you not only to support this plan so that it remains a viable option, but that you tell people about it, so that it might be come to Broward and Palm Beach county where they desperately need a health insurance plan like this one.  Support Miami Dade Blue and Support Commissioner Joe Martinez who literally crow barred this plan into existence.

Currently the plan has 1500 in network physicians and is adding doctors daily.  The out of network plan entitles you to go to any doctor that accepts a Florida health insurance plan.  What about out of the Florida health insurance network?  Well you can go to just about any doctor in the country, as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida literally has the best network in the country.  The best period.



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Miami-Dade Blue for Individuals Under 65 and Families

How can Blue help you? By offering easy-to-use, low-cost health benefit plans that you can really use. If you think quality health care coverage is too expensive for your budget, let us show you how Miami-Dade Blue works for individuals under 65 and families living and working in Miami-Dade County without breaking the bank.

Miami-Dade Blue was designed with affordable premiums and cost savings made possible by our quality, locally-focused provider network1 of family physicians, specialists, hospitals, urgent and convenient care centers available to you without referral.  While you can visit any provider you want, the real savings come from using the network, but the choice is always yours.

With Miami-Dade Blue you can keep more money in your pocket and still be covered for routine and preventive care, hospital visits and dental services, to name just a few. What's more, members have access to valuable extras2 like personalized support programs, online health tools and other resources that help you save money and take control of your health, at no added cost.  You also get big discounts3 on health-related services like hearing and vision exams and products, chiropractic care and much more.

Plan at a Glance

If you live or work in Miami-Dade County, you're eligible for quality health benefits with Miami-Dade Blue. With no referrals necessary, you can see any provider you want, but you'lll save more using the local Miami-Dade Blue network. Enrollment is easy, and you're covered for:

  • Routine and preventive doctor office visits. We pay up to $50 per provider, per date of service, and you pay the balance, or the amount you will be billed by the provider after subtracting the $50 payment made by us.
  • Generic prescription drugs
  • Urgent care center visits
  • Dental care visits. We pay $50 per provider, per date of service, and you pay the balance, or the amount you will be billed by the provider after subtracting the $50 payment made by us.
  • Lab tests
  • Inpatient hospital care
  • Outpatient hospital care related to surgery
  • Emergency room services
  • Mammograms

1Miami-Dade Blue network is one of our preferred provider networks made up of independent hospitals, physicians and ancillary providers in Miami-Dade County, and is the PPO provider network designated as in-network for the Miami-Dade Blue plan.

2As a courtesy, BCBSF has entered into arrangements with various vendors to provide value-added features that include care decision support tools and services to its members. These programs are not part of insurance coverage. All decisions that members make pertaining to medical/clinical judgment should be made in conjunction with their physician since neither BCBSF nor its vendors provide medical care or advice.

3Discounts available as a courtesy to all BCBSF members through separate business partners. Discounts may be used once covered benefits, if any, are exhausted.

Miami-Dade Blue is insured by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida. Miami-Dade County is not responsible for the operations or liabilities of this product.

East Coast Health Insurance Now offers Miami Dade Blue plans

We are now offering the new Miami Dade Blue plan with mucho gusto in Miami!  We are very excited by this new Miami Health Plan because it is a chance to offer a new health insurance plan to the people of Miami who have had unreasonably high health insurance premiums for at least 6 years when compared with Broward and West Palm Beach.  The new Miami Dade Blue Plan Quotes are available right here at our website and we expect this plan to become available throughout Florida within the coming months as it is released by Blue Cross and Blue Sheild.

The plan is not only the most comprehensive in the state but it is also by far the cheapest.  The new Miami Dade Blue plan has a $250 deductible per year and a maximum of out of pocket exposure of only $2500 per year up to $5 million in a lifetime of coverage.  The Miami Dade Blue Plan covers office visits, dental, and generic prescriptions.  More importantly they have a copay system in the emergency room and cover all diagnostics with a copay.  Preventative health care is also covered every year.

East Coast Health Insurance is happy to offer the New Miami Dade Blue Florida health insurance plan and we look forward to it being released throughout the state.

How Does It Work?

The new Miami Blue Cross Blue Shield plan has a smaller network, much like an HMO with doctors that want to help you and have accepted a lower fee schedule in order to help Miami-Dade county start insuring residents again.  As long as you stay inside the network you will only have $250 deductible.  However, if you have to go to a physician or hospital outside of the network the annual deductible is only $750!  So it is still significantly more comprehensive and affordable than the same plan from any other company, and the best part, is that you have access to the best health insurance network in the country from Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Miami Dade Blue Cross Blue Shield Quotes 

Miami Dade Blue Under 65 Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Who is eligible for coverage in the Miami-Dade Blue program?

The same ages and underwriting rules that apply to BlueOptions Hospital Surgical product apply to Miami-Dade Blue, including riders and rate ups.

Undocumented residents may apply for the Individual Under 65 product, but are required to submit specific documentation with their application.  Application, addendum and supporting documentation must be submitted via paper by an agent.  This addendum will be available in accessBlue and on the Sales Resource Center in late June, along with other Individual Under 65 supporting materials.

  1. If enrolled in another BCBSF product, can I transfer or do I need to be underwritten again?

Refer to the attached Under 65 Transfer matrix.   However, cannot initiate eligible transfers to MDB until 7/1/09.

  1. What if I have a government program like Medicaid, Healthy Kids, etc?  Am I eligible?  Can I switch from Cover Florida?

Enrolling in Miami-Dade Blue could disqualify an applicant from some government programs.  Switching from Cover Florida would require medical underwriting.

  1. For those who can transfer without underwriting, is there a new benefit authorization form, or will we use the current form?

Modifications to the Benefit Authorization Form will be made and distributed in mid June.

  1. What if I am coming off of a group plan?  Am I eligible?

Yes, however would be subject to medical underwriting.

  1. Will there be a separate application form or the current application?

The same Individual Under 65 UW application will be used.  It has been updated to include the Miami-Dade Blue product name.


  1. How much will this product cost?

Below are links to the 7/1 (1st link) and 8/1 (2nd link) Individual Under 65 Miami-Dade Blue rates.  Both 7/1 and 8/1 have been approved by the OIR.  The 8/1 rates include an increase of 9.5% to reflect the annual rate increase to be applied to Miami-Dade Blue and the BlueOptions Hospital Surgical products. 

Consumers applying for coverage with effective dates of 8/1 or later should be quoted the 8/1 rates.  Consumers applying for coverage with an effective date between 7/1 and 7/31 should be quoted the 8/1 rates, but advised that the first monthly premium will be lower since it is in advance of our annual rate increase for our underwritten products.

  • Are the rates per person or per family?
  • Same rates structure as used for our BlueOptions products.  Per person rates, and if a family applies the rates per person are added together to get the total premium for the family.



    • What types of health services are covered?

    Refer to the Individual Under 65 MDB benefit summary below.

    Benefit Summary Spanish

    This is the Small Group Enrollment brochure, which can be used to speak to both the SG and Individual Under 65 Miami-Dade Blue plans.  The only difference between SG and Individual Under 65 MDB benefits is that Individual Under 65 doesn't cover routine maternity, and the Mental Health/Substance Dependency benefit maximums are different.  There is also a Fact Sheet attached regarding the maternity rider available. 

  • What is not covered?
    • Services not related to surgery when performed in an OP Hospital setting.
    • The Individual Under 65 Plan doesn?t cover routine maternity, but a maternity rider is available.
      • Brand prescription drugs.  No payment will be made by BCBSF for brand drugs, but member will have access to a discount at the pharmacy.
      • Typical types of exclusions, such as, cosmetic surgery, infertility services, hearing aids, eyeglasses, vision care.

    3.   How does Miami-Dade Blue compare to a GoBlue plus Hospital Surgical plan?
    Refer to the attached Low Cost Market Expansion Matrix.

    Provider Information

    1. What providers are in the network?

    There are 1600 providers including 7 hospitals participating as part of the Miami-Dade Blue network of providers.  Refer to the Online Provider Directory and University of Miami Roster that can be found on the Sales Resource Center.  There are some providers whose MDB contracts won?t become effective until 7/1, so they won?t show up in the OPD until then. 

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