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Connecticut Medicaid

The State of Connecticut provides a Medicaid program for remedial, long term and preventive medical care for any persons who are aged, blind, disabled, income eligible, families with children, or pregnant mothers. The medical payments needed to be made to the care facility or health care provider are directly made to the health care providers and facilities through the Connecticut Department of Social Services for any and all eligible services carried out within the office for the eligible individuals. A number of requirements to receive the Medicaid benefits through the State of Connecticut apply to find out eligibility.
One of the eligibility requirements requires the person or family to be residents of the State of Connecticut, United States citizen, national, permanent resident, or one can be a legal alien to qualify. They also must be in need of medical insurance benefits and assistance for medical care. You have to fall in the low income or very low income levels deemed by the state, and your entire household should be accounted for in the income levels. If you’re pregnant, disabled, responsible for any children under the age of 19, take care of a disabled household member, or 65 years of age or older than you may qualify for the benefits.
There are set rates that hospitals, home health agencies, licensed boarding facilities, and nursing homes are charged from the Medicaid offices for the service provided. The low income eligibility requirements for Connecticut are as follows: Pregnant women should have a federal poverty level of around 250% or less, children under the age of 19 should be around 185% or less, this also rounds out to be around $2,823 for a 3 member family, Non working parents should be around 185%, while working families should be around 191%.

If an individual is medically needy then they should be around 80% or less while a medically needy couple should come in around 76% or less.
There are income limits for a family unit including their size when trying to deem if a family is income eligible. A family unit of 1 person should not exceed the amount of $10,830 annually, a family unit of 2 people is not to exceed the amount of $14,570 annually, and a family unit of 3 persons should not exceed $10,310. The larger the family, the more money it will be annually for income. For each additional individual in the family, add on $3,740 annually. If an elderly or disabled person of Connecticut State receives SSI or Supplemental Security Income, they may also be eligible for Medicaid benefits even if it is not automatic.
The Medicaid for the Employed disabled program was authorized by the Ticket to Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 providing eligibility for individuals with disabilities to work while still being qualified for Medicaid benefits. A disabled person who is eligible for Medicaid should not lose their Medicaid benefits or have to use the use of spend downs while earning income in excess of traditional limitations.
To apply or see if you qualify for Medicaid services and benefits visit the Department of Social Services of Connecticut at 25 Sigourney Street in Hartford, CT 06106-5033. Call their offices ahead of time for answers to questions toll free at 1-800-842-1508 (TTY 1-800-842-4524). You can also visit their website at Department of Social Services of Connecticut for any additional information needed.