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UnitedHealthOne is the individual and family health insurance plan from UnitedHealthcare, which is the nation’s largest insurer. Underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, UnitedHealthOne also has the greatest presence nationally than any other individual insurer – offering plans in more than 35 states. As part of the UnitedHealthcare network, members have access to 704,966 providers throughout the country and 5,580 hospitals. Those who enroll in a dental plan can utilize the national network of over 80,000 dentists. While size may matter to some, quality is often more important. Though you have plenty of providers to choose from with a UnitedHealthOne plan, you also have choices that are fairly average and not anything amazing or award-winning. This said, as a company, Golden Rule has been in business for over 65 years and has been given an “A” (Excellent) from A.M. Best.

In Connecticut, you can choose from the same plans as if you lived a thousand miles away. UnitedHealthOne plans may not vary by region, but you can still find solid coverage. Copay Select are their best option, and they do have fair rates in many instances. UnitedHealthcare has been around for many years, and serves 70 million people worldwide, so you can certainly say they are a trusted company. All members have access to wellness programs and preventive care at no cost, and can add benefits like dental, vision, supplemental accident, and term life coverage.



UnitedHealthOne Plans in Connecticut


Copay Select Plans

Offering the most coverage for a higher premium than other plans, you get much lower out of pocket costs and can get care immediately for a copay. Find a plan that meets your needs and covers office visits, generic drugs, and urgent care before your deductible, with a selection of coinsurance options of 0, 20 or 30 percent on major medical care. If you want more prescription coverage, you can get brand names after a $500 deductible. Overall, these plans are best for those who want as much protection from high medical bills as possible.


High Deductible Plans

Lower your monthly premiums with a plan that still includes many services. Traditional PPOs from UnitedHealthOne are offered in three types: Plan 100, Plan 80, and Saver 80. If you want more coverage, choose Plan 100 or Plan 80, as they include office visits and prescriptions at coinsurance once the deductible is met. Also, you can receive preventive care for free at any time with in-network providers. Saver 80 is a catastrophic plan, which does not include office visit or pharmacy coverage, and offers the lowest premium for the least coverage.


Health Savings Account Plans

Also a high deductible plan, HSA 100 and HSA 70 offer low premiums so that you can fund an optional health savings account for tax benefits while paying for medical care. Preventive care is available at no cost during the course of your plan, and otherwise you pay out of pocket for additional services. When your deductible is met, HSA plans covered everything from primary care to emergency care at no cost or 30 percent coinsurance.


UnitedHealthOne Connecticut Brochure


Compare UnitedHealthOne plans and rates with other Connecticut health insurance plans with an instant quote. Call a licensed agent for more details or a personal consultation at 888 803 5917.