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Cigna – Connecticut

Cigna health insurance plans in Connecticut are pretty much identical to the plans in the ten states they offer insurance, and they are designed of course to help you get healthy and stay well. Cigna in Connecticut is all about prevention and staying on top of your health to prevent health problems or lessen complications from an illness. Whether it’s about your medical care or your medicine, you can count on Cigna in Connecticut. Their network includes nearly 11,300 medical providers and over 100 hospitals throughout the state. Headquartered in Bloomfield, Cigna provides access to an even more extensive national network to give you care out-of-state.

Cigna negotiates with in-network health care professionals to offer you the best value for your dollar. By using in-network doctors, you will pay a special contracted rate for services so you get immediate savings. Once you meet your deductible, Cigna will pay a percentage of the contracted rate, and you are responsible for the copay or coinsurance amount. If you have a concern about your health or your coverage, Cigna is the first health services company to offer a 24/7 customer service call center. They also offer a variety of supplemental products for individuals and families to add to your plan.




Cigna Individual Plans in Connecticut


Open Access Plans

The highest level of coverage is provided in the Open Access family of plans. Members have the ability to use in-network doctors and specialists for illness/injury visits at a predictable copay, preventive care for free, and generic prescriptions. These plans cover major medical services such as emergency care, surgery, and inpatient or outpatient hospital care at 80 percent after deductible, giving you a lower amount of cost sharing. See any doctor you like without the need to get a referral, and enjoy the flexibility of Open Access.

Cigna Connecticut Open Access Brochure

Open Access 1000 Benefits

Open Access 2000 Benefits

Open Access 3000 Benefits

Open Access 5000 Benefits


Health Savings Plans

For those who want a very low monthly premium, and perhaps the responsibility of out-of-pocket costs in exchange, Health Savings plans offer just that. Pay everything out-of-pocket, with the exception of free preventive care, until your deductible is met, and receive 100 percent coverage on all services after deductible. Connect your plan to an HSA for tax benefits when you use the fund from your account on qualified medical costs. These plans also give members the same great network of Connecticut Open Access providers for discounted rates.

Cigna Connecticut Health Savings Plan Brochure

Health Savings 2500 Benefits

Health Savings 3500 Benefits

Health Savings 5000 Benefits


To get rates for Cigna plans in your area, and compare these plans with other available companies, get a free, quick health insurance quote. Contact a licensed agent at 888 803 5917 to speak with a professional about your options.