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Aetna is the third-largest health insurer in the nation, and one of the oldest, as well. Established in 1853 in your home state, Aetna remains one of the strongest forces in the insurance industry, and a provider of quality products and services. Aetna has also been known for its work with the community, helping people who otherwise would have trouble accessing healthcare get the services they need. The Aetna provider network consists of over 1 million medical professionals, including 587,000 physicians and specialists, and over 5,400 hospitals.

Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, Aetna understands its local market and serves them well. The company insures 18 million members with health insurance, 13.6 million with dental coverage, and 8.8 million members with pharmacy plans. Connecticut individual and families have the choice between a myriad of Open Access Managed Choice plans – a PPO with high deductible, HSA, value, or copay options – or the very basic Preventive and Hospital Care plan – one deductible, small selection of services. Peruse your options from Aetna in Connecticut below.



Aetna Individual Plans in Connecticut

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Open Access Managed Choice

The Managed Choice Open Access plans are a typical plan, which include copayments for just about everything including office visits, prescriptions, and most diagnostic testing.  I personally love these plans from Aetna simply because they cover everything before the deductible begins.  However, if you are healthy and barely go to the doctor it is probably a bigger waste of money than becoming a health insurance agent in 2014.

Aetna Connecticut Open Access Managed Choice 1500 Benefits

Aetna Connecticut Open Access Managed Choice 2500 Benefits

Aetna Connecticut Open Access Managed Choice 5000 Benefits

Aetna Connecticut Open Access Managed Choice 7500 Benefits


Open Access Managed Choice High Deductible

Aetna High Deductible HSA plans are very simple and affordable.  How do they work you ask?  They have a deductible of lets say $3000 (but they come in other flavors as well), and simply cover everything 100% after that deductible.  The tricky part is that you can pair it with an HSA account to maximize your tax savings and can use those tax free deposits to pay for, you guessed it medical costs before the deductible.

Aetna Connecticut High Deductible 3500 Benefits

Aetna Connecticut High Deductible 5500 Benefits


Open Access Managed Choice Value

Aetna’s Value plans are just like their traditional open access plans in Connecticut except that they have limitations on office visits and don’t cover name brand drugs.  These plans are really great for younger people or anyone on a budget.

Aetna Connecticut Open Access Managed Choice Value 10,000 Benefits

Aetna Connecticut Open Access Managed Choice Value 3000 Benefits

Aetna Connecticut Open Access Managed Choice Value 5000 Benefits


Preventive & Hospital Care

Finally, everyone’s favorite is the hospital and preventative care plan which is as the name states a great way to get plastic surgery. Just kidding, its a high deductible plan that doesn’t really cover anything that isn’t major medical expenses.

Aetna Connecticut Preventive & Hospital Care Benefits


For more information on these and other Connecticut health plans, call a licensed Connecticut agent at 888 803 5917. Compare Aetna rates in your area and find the right plan with a free, instant health insurance quote.