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Connecticut Health Insurance Companies

In Connecticut there are about 6 health insurance companies including Cigna which is about to enter the market.  Additionally, AARP is available in Connecticut though not on the quote engine and for assistance with AARP health plans in Connecticut you are encouraged to call 888 803 5917.  The rest of these 4 companies are on the quote engine and you can obtain an instant Connecticut health insurance quote right now for any of them and even buy a policy on your own if you are able to understand the plans.

Many times people ask us for the most affordable plan in Connecticut and sadly the answer is not so simple as prices vary based on demographics and some carriers are stronger in certain ages or zip codes.

In our experience however the most affordable carriers are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut and Anthem Blue Cross.  Cigna and AARP are often price leaders as well though only in specific demographics. The main purpose of this page is as an index page to read on all of these carriers on our site.  As the site is finished there will be articles on each carrier highlighting their plans, benefits, and rates and bringing to light their drawbacks as well.