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Waterbury Health Insurance

Located in western Connecticut and often referred to as the region’s capitol, Waterbury is the fifth largest city in the state, with a population of 110,189. Filled with historic architecture from the early 20th century, landmarks, and statues, Waterbury is also a cultural centerpiece of Connecticut. The city has several museums to represent its history as well as the state’s finest artists in the Mattatuck Museum. Despite a population decrease likely for economic reasons, Waterbury is still an important part of Connecticut history and the Greater New York region.

Health insurance in Waterbury is a necessity, as Connecticut laws are typically more accepting than most of the country. Whether or not coverage is affordable depends on the plan you choose, and similar to its neighboring states, individual health insurance in the Northeast is different from the majority of other areas. Fortunately for Waterbury residents, coverage is no comparison to New York City prices. Premiums are in a more average range, and plans are offered through major national health insurance companies and a few regional ones.

Carriers offering individual and family coverage in Waterbury include Connecticut-based Aetna and Cigna, in addition to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut, UnitedHealthOne, Celtic, and the regional company, ConnectiCare. Plan choices include PPOs and POSs, the latter of which makes it possible for individuals to save more money by selecting a primary care doctor and adopting a few HMO traits. Though there may not be an overwhelming number of options, it may still be a bit difficult to choose the best plan, so we have done a bit of the work on behalf of your Waterbury health insurance search.


Waterbury Sample Health Insurance Quote

After running a quote for a 32-year-old male resident of Waterbury, it is evident that Aetna is the price leader at $146 per month. By selecting plans that have upfront benefits for a doctor’s office visit (preferably without a limit), 20 percent coinsurance, and a $2500-range deductible we can generally weed out the best plans from the rest. As mentioned, this state varies slightly from others, so a few plans do not quite meet those specifications. ConnectiCare places Waterbury residents at a crossroads, deciding between whether first-dollar benefits are more important than lower coinsurance. Personally, I would choose the upfront copay coverage just in case the deductible is never reached.

Cigna is also a bit different here, as their Open Access plan in other areas usually offers a copay for office visits. However, a Waterbury plan with office visit coverage prior to the deductible is nowhere in sight. Not to worry, as several other health plans accommodate to the upfront needs, including the lowest priced plan from Aetna. Anthem also offers a nice comprehensive plan with office visit copays for $200 per month for this demographic. Celtic is a decent plan for $165 per month, but they only cover the first two PCP or specialist visits before deductible.

After comparing benefits to costs, for this resident, Aetna seems like the clear choice. Their Managed Choice Open Access plan is priced well on a monthly basis, covers a number of benefits, and connects you to a wide network of providers. Health plan pricing will always be a mystery until you take your own criteria to our quote engine. Without sacrificing your privacy, we can construct a quote that will give you an idea of how much health insurance will cost you from each Waterbury carrier. Call us at 888 803 5017 for more information.




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