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Norwalk Health Insurance

Located at the very southwestern edge of the state, Norwalk, home of the Oyster Festival, is considered part of the New York Metropolitan Area. Historical in development and architecture like all New England cities, Norwalk has had many stages of urban revival, thus giving an interesting clash of elements. The city is home to the Maritime Aquarium, and serves as a quieter home for New York City commuters, though it also has many of its own thriving businesses. US and world headquarters for more than 20 major companies are settled in Norwalk, including Priceline.com, Media Storm, and Xerox. Norwalk has also served as a backdrop for a number of films, as it epitomizes American suburbia.

Norwalk health insurance closely resembles the rest of the state, though luckily does not resemble New York individual coverage whatsoever. Perhaps this is one of the reasons to live in Norwalk alternatively to the Big Apple. In Fairfield County, premiums are more comparable to the Midwest than to its staggeringly priced Northeastern neighbors. While Connecticut has yet to join the guaranteed issue party, their individual market guarantees those who are eligible for health insurance will pay less. Although insurers are able to be biased and decline sick people for the moment, they soon will change according to the health care law.

Health insurance carriers in Norwalk include Connecticut’s own Aetna, Cigna, and regional company, ConnectiCare. In addition to the local selections, who tend to favor their neighbors and offer the best pricing, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut, UnitedHealthOne, and Celtic also offer plans. Rates will adjust through differences in age, gender, family size, and health, therefore not all health plans are consistently the lowest or highest priced. It is important to get a quote for yourself to ensure the most accurate pricing, and if you have a history of health problems, speaking to an agent is the best way to sort through your plan choices. Call us at 888 803 5917.



Norwalk Sample Health Insurance Quote

Usually, the best way to find out how individual health insurance is priced in a town is to do the research. In Norwalk, we assessed the current market by running a health insurance quote for a 32-year-old male nonsmoking resident. Immediately upon narrowing down the selection to the $2500 deductible range, Aetna presents itself as the most affordable plan with every health plan necessity for $146 per month. No plan is perfect, as there is a $500 deductible to meet before brand name prescriptions are covered, but if you can tolerate generics until it is met, then this plan will provide the essentials.

The next lowest premium is offered by the POS from ConnectiCare for $146, as well. This plan only covers half of your medical costs after deductible, but if you are unsure whether you will reach the $2500 mark before the year is over, it would be best to choose the upfront benefits. For a healthy Norwalk resident in their early 30s, this plan may be a good choice if Aetna doesn’t suit your needs. Cigna is also a high quality plan to consider, though in Connecticut they offer no copays for office visits before the deductible, which brings them down a few notches on our list.

Anthem is a great, dependable health insurer, though in this case theirs is the most costly option. At $90 over the price of Aetna and ConnectiCare for virtually the same coverage, Anthem is not quite as desirable in this lineup. Additionally, Aetna has established a much more lenient underwriting system than other insurers. Therefore, when considering savings and the likelihood of getting accepted, Norwalk residents of this demographic are better off with the Managed Choice Open Access plan.

For an accurate outline of your Norwalk health insurance options and rates, get a quote tailored to your specifics. Speak with an agent if you have any questions about the Connecticut plans, as we do have a branch in your state! Call us at 888 803 5917.





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