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New London Health Insurance

New London is a modestly populous city with a large amount of history and culture. Though only 27,000 residents live in New London, there are plenty of manifestations of the arts in the city, including the Garde Arts Center, Hygienic Arts, and the Flock Theatre, to name a few. Music is also a significant piece of New London culture, hosting various festivals throughout the year. The environment is also a high priority for this liberal city, with a number of parks and conservation areas such as the Connecticut College Arboretum. With close proximity to several major cities and its own flavor, New London is a lively community on the water.

Another perk of living in New London is that health insurance is a slightly less expensive than in other parts of the state, like the larger cities. The same carriers remain throughout the state, including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut, Cigna, Aetna, ConnectiCare, Celtic, and UnitedHealthOne. As New London residents probably know already, living in a smaller town makes life much easier on the wallet, and this usually applies to health insurance, as well. From what we have seen, it seems a few companies in the handful of Connecticut-based health insurers are offering fellow residents a better deal than others, especially Aetna and ConnectiCare.

Getting a health plan is just as important for a college student as it is for a local business owner, or an artist. Though many college students are of the age where they can rely on dependent coverage for a few more years, others may not have the option. Individual health plans are a great solution for those who want the security of knowing they will not go bankrupt over an emergency room visit. There are many other reasons why health insurance makes sense for any New London resident. To find out more about plans in your area, costs, and how to get the best deal, get a quote or call one of our agents for more details at 888 803 5917.



Sample New London Health Insurance Quote

New London has several well priced health insurance plans to offer, as we discovered in running a quote for a 30-year-old male resident. Though certain benefits of a plan we usually prefer are missing in some (such as 20 percent coinsurance and unlimited office visits) there are a few choices that will fit nicely into a tight budget. To bring our choices down to a more slim selection, we chose to limit our search to $2500-ish deductible plans. For this demographic, the best deal comes from Aetna, with 20 percent coinsurance after deductible, as well as $30 copays for an unlimited number of doctor’s office visits for $135 per month.

Although the ConnectiCare plan is $1.75 less per month, you can see in the image below that only half of your major medical bills will be covered after deductible. Otherwise, this plan would be a lovely choice, especially for the bespectacled residents of New London, as vision care is covered. As there are a few missing links in the Celtic and Cigna plans, such as office visit coverage, the next best plan to consider would be the UnitedHealthOne Copay 80 at $192 per month. Though compared to the Aetna MCOA plan it would be a waste of money, if you had no less expensive option, UHO offers a large network and all the necessary benefits.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut is the most expensive plan throughout the state, which is clearly not worth $216 if you are healthy and have the option of spending much less. However, they may offer better pricing to residents of a different age group or gender. Such is the beauty of individual health insurance! There is a consistent lack of predictability from one state and one type of person to another, which makes it all the more essential for anyone who is not around age 30 and male to get their own quote. It only takes a few seconds to do the groundwork and then you have access to all of the plans in your area and their respective costs. Enjoy!




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