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Not too far from the major city of Bridgeport, lies the classic architecture of New Haven, Connecticut.  Around here we all have the same hassles deciding which health insurance policy is best for them.  It can make anybody confused but look no further than East Coast Health Insurance.  We’ve compared Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Celtic and ConnectiCare.

ConnectiCare seems like it would be good at first glance because of its averagely priced annual deductible of $2500.  The coinsurance is higher than average at 50%, but the monthly premium isn’t too bad at $165.  Prescription drug coverage for generic prescriptions have only $15 copay, but for name brand prescriptions, you have to meet the $200 separate drug deductible to get 50% coinsurance for that.  Primary care visits are $30 without having the deductible met, but Specialist visits have a 50% coinsurance and the deductible must be met in order to get that coverage.  To make matters worse, the Annual Out-of-Pocket for an individual is $7500, the highest out of all four companies being compared.

Moving on to the next provider, we have Aetna PPO which also has a $2500 deductible and a 20% coinsurance after meeting the deductible.  Up to five doctor visits at $30 for regular doctors and $45 for specialists with the deductible waived seems pretty nice.  The prescription drug coverage is $20 copay for generics only and a 50% coinsurance for other brand name or non-formulary prescriptions that must be medically necessary.  This particular part of this plan could be a time consuming unnecessary pain in the future if a new drug comes out that you need that doesn’t have a generic quite yet.  The monthly premium for this plan is $191 and might not be totally worth it.

Next up is the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plan with a monthly premium of $207, the highest in the bunch, but it does have the lowest Annual Out-of Pocket Limit of them all at $2500 including the deductible.  Doctor visits, coinsurance, and prescription drugs all have to have the deductible met before they can receive coverage at 20%.

Finally, the cheapest plan that I’ve found in the area of New Haven is from Celtic, the monthly premium is $146 and there is a reason for being so much less expensive than the other plans.  This plan only covers two doctors’ visits at $15.  If you had to go to the doctor more than two times, the $2500 deductible will have to be met before your 20% coinsurance kicks in. Prescription drug coverage is actually pretty decent with generic drugs having a copay of $10 and brand drugs at $40.  In conclusion, if you are a younger individual, and a healthier person looking for health insurance, I’d go with this surprisingly inexpensive plan.