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So the first thing I noticed when doing a comparison of health insurance companies in Hartford was that there were a limited amount of choices as compared to other parts of the country and secondly the plans that were available were very different from each other. To get the best health plan besides having the lowest monthly premium price would be one that pays most of your medical expenses and doctor visits.  We’ve put together four of the state’s major named insurance companies for your comparison starting with Aetna, Anthem, Celtic, and ConnectiCare.

Hartford Health Insurance Comparison

First up in my comparison was Connecticare, which offers full benefits including office visits and prescription coverage before the deductible.  The only negative that I found was that the coinsurance was high (50%).  However, this most likely would not affect you unless you had a semi-catastrophic event.   Because a fully catastrophic even would easily exceed the out of pocket maximum and it would be irrelevant.  For a 30 year old female the premium was $164 with just a $1000 deductible.

Next we have the Celtic PPO Plan which boasts a $15 copay for the first two doctor visits and prescription coverage.  The monthly premium is $194 with no coinsurance to speak of, but only after the $2500 deductible gets met.  After the first two initial visits, if your deductible hasn’t been met you have to pay the maximum amount to the doctor which is not something to write home about.

The Aetna PPO plan for Connecticuters has a premium of $188 and the highest deductible out of the bunch, $3500.  For regular doctor visits the copay is $30, and for specialists its $45 with the deductible waived for both.  The coinsurance after the deductible is only 20% which is pretty standard for a 30 year old non-smoking female.

To finish up the health insurance comparison in Hartford, we have Anthem last but not least.  With the highest premium out of the four, $207 a month, and a $2500 annual deductible, the coinsurance is 20% after it’s been met.  This does not include doctor visits and prescriptions, and would not be my first choice of health insurance plans.

Hartford Health Insurance

Even if there is a smaller amount of plans for this state, health insurance does have a lot to choose from.  Even for a basic individual plan for a 30 year old female!  The plan best suited for my health needs in this case though, would be the ConnectiCare Plan as they have the lowest monthly premium and annual deductible.

For more on these plans or to find out how to apply call East Coast Health Insurance at 888 803 5917.