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The largest city of Connecticut, Bridgeport is full of tall buildings and lots of city life.  When it comes to health insurance, I’ve chosen four different plans to compare for convenience.  The amount of plans to compare was scarce and varied widely, but the best choices are listed below.  Keep in mind East Coast Health Insurance (that’s us folks) offers all of these plans on our site and over the phone.

Celtic is the first choice, only because it has the lowest monthly premium of $146 which seems pretty affordable from an individual’s point of view.  The deductible is $2500 annually and the first two initial doctor visits are $15 each, but you only get those two visits covered. Once the deductible has been met there is a 20% coinsurance that takes over.  For prescription drug coverage, the deductible does not have to be met and the Annual Out-of-Pocket limit is $4500.  This plan does not have Out-of-Network benefits at all which could be crucial when trying to go to a specific doctor.  Let’s say that a close friend referred you, but because the doctor is not in Celtic’s network you wouldn’t be able to get coverage at all.  That is like not having health insurance at all, unfortunately when it comes to that regard.

Next on the list is Aetna with the second lowest monthly premium of $191.  While it isn’t the least expensive, there are a couple of things to note differently.  While Aetna has a $2500 deductible and also a 20% coinsurance similar to the first Celtic plan, the Annual Out-of-Pocket limit is slightly higher at $5000 and there are 1-5 doctor visits allowed waiving the deductible at $30 each.  Besides Aetna’s plan having Out-of-Network benefits, they also boast having Out of Country benefits and cover them just like any Out-of-Network benefits would.  What really makes this plan stand out to me is the Mental Health coverage that gets full parity and is treated like any other illness that you would go to the doctor for.

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Following Aetna is the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.  Similarly, it also has a $2500 deductible and 20% coinsurance after it’s been met.  The monthly premium is slightly more expensive, $207.  What stands out most about this plan is the Out of Country benefits are covered and considered in-network if used through a WorldWide BlueCard Provider, a Blue Cross Blue Shield perk.

In conclusion, the most expensive plan is ConnectiCare with a $232 monthly premium cost.  The deductible is also the highest out of the four I’ve compared at $3000 annually.  That has to be met in order to receive $30 copay for the regular doctor and $45 for specialists.  This would not be the plan to choose because of the deductable and monthly premium being high while having the same benefits as the lower priced plans.

For an individual healthy 30 year old woman who needs a health insurance plan that doesn’t travel out of the country or need to go the doctor very often should go with the least expensive in this case, Celtic.  But keep in mind, you can’t leave the limited Celtic network and get even $1 of coverage.  Which is why Anthem is a good choice for older Bridgeport residents or people with medical concerns.