East Coast Health Insurance is the nation’s leading online health insurance broker, and we have local offices in Vernon, Connecticut which gives us a very strong knowledge and perspective on the Connecticut health insurance market and the Connecticut Medicare Market .

East Coast Health Insurance, the leading brokerage for affordable health insurance quotes, is proud to be providing Connecticut residents with a wide variety of policies for your specific Connecticut health insurance needs and budgets.

Our Connecticut health insurance professionals are knowledgeable about all of the “Nutmeg State’s” specific rules and regulations; this makes the entire procedure much simpler and streamlined. As we’re permanently located in your own backyard, we can address all of your questions and concerns. When you meet with our agents, from the comfort of your home or office, you’ll be able to discuss such crucial matters as plan type (HMO, PPO, POS, government and contract plans), pre-existing conditions, marital status, and everything else that may affect your choice for policies, and your available budget.

At East Coast Health Insurance, our local Connecticut representatives provide you with a selection of options, ranging from basic plans, to top-of-the-line coverage from the industry’s biggest names. And we should mention one other valuable tool in your decision-making process: our exclusive, online health insurance quote database. This provides side-by-side comparisons with other similar policies.

We currently provide health insurance plans in Connecticut from Aetna, Cigna, Connecticare, United Health Care, and of course everyone’s favorite, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut.   In order to get a Blue Cross quote you will need to go here as they are currently not on our Connecticut quote engine.


Sample Connecticut Health Insurance Quote

To demonstrate how our quote engine works, we have chosen several great plans for a sample client who is a 35-year-old male Hartford resident. For the purpose of selecting a reasonable price range, we set the deductible between $2,000 and $2,500, which gives a good idea of an affordable monthly rate and a realistic deductible to meet for many healthy adults.

We selected plans from each of the major carriers in Hartford, all of which contain unlimited doctor’s office visits as well as prescription coverage. Locally headquartered Aetna seems to provide the best rates for this particular example, with 80 percent coverage after deductible and $30 copays for $133 per month. Based on their network quality and size, the Managed Choice Open Access PPO plan is a great choice. Another strong recommendation would be the Anthem Premier plan, though $70 more per month in this instance, it offers an extensive network, the greatest amount of out-of-state coverage of any carrier, and plenty of benefits.

Keep in mind that rates vary based on age, gender and zip code, among other factors, so it is best to get a personalized quote to find the best plan for yourself.

The Connecticut-based East Coast Health Insurance agents and customer service representatives are available to meet with you and your family, at your convenience. Call 888 803 5917 and you’ll have all the time you need to make this important decision.