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UnitedHealth Group is the nation’s largest insurer. Under-65 individual medical products are sold under UnitedHealth Group subsidiaries UnitedHealthcare and UnitedHealthOne.

UnitedHealthOne is the brand name of individual health insurance products underwritten by Golden Rule, including off-exchange Individual Medical, Short Term Medical, Critical Illness, Dental and Vision – among others.

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About UnitedHealthOne

UnitedHealthcare’s individual line of business includes companies purchased by UnitedHealth Group including Golden Rule, Catamaran, Optum, Sierra Health and Life, PacifiCare, American Medical Security (AMS), MAMSI and Oxford Health Plans. UnitedHealthcare offers coverage in nearly all U.S. states.

UnitedHealthOne brand health insurance products are underwritten and administered by the following companies:

  • Golden Rule Insurance Company
  • UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company
  • UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company
  • UnitedHealthcare Services
  • Oxford Health Insurance
  • Oxford Health Plans
  • Dental Benefit Providers
  • Spectera



  •  820,000 physicians and healthcare professionals
  • 6,000 hospitals


UnitedHealthOne Health Insurance Plans

Nationally, the United Health One or Golden Rule plans include Copay Select, Health Savings Account and High Deductible plans. Coverage levels are assigned metal tiers – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum – as required by the Affordable Care Act.

United Health One offers the best prescription plan in the country, included in the Copay Select series. Aetna’s mail order program is also outstanding. 


Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans

HSA policies by default have a high deductible, and offer the option of tax benefits. You can pay for medical services with funds from your savings account, which are tax-advantaged and tax-free.

You can use funds in your HSA to pay your deductible and other out of pocket costs.


Copay Plans

Copay Plans include a low copayment for office visits, prescriptions and other services. Predictable, flat rates are always a preferred option so you can use your policy when you need it.

High Deductible Plans

High Deductible Plans offer lower monthly premiums with a high annual deductible.

Until you have paid your deductible, you are responsible for paying out-of-pocket for minor medical expenses such as routine office visits. After you have met your yearly deductible, UnitedHealth will cover qualified services at coinsurance.


Additional Individual Coverage

Dental Insurance

UnitedHealthOne Dental plans include coverage for preventive care, basic services and major dental, depending on the policy.

Fill the gaps in your medical plan with UnitedHealthOne Dental for a low monthly rate, and the option of adding Vision Coverage.


Short Term Medical insurance can be an alternative to COBRA health insurance and can provide temporary health insurance for individuals who may have:

  • Lost Coverage through recent job or life changes
  • No longer covered by your parent’s plan
  • A job as a seasonal worker
  • Begun enjoying early retirement and are waiting for Medicare
  • Recently completed COBRA insurance coverage


East Coast Health Insurance offers United Health One plans in every state where they are sold.

Call a licensed agent to discuss your health plan options at 888 803 5917, or get a free quote.


View region-specific brochures, rates and more information about UnitedHealthOne plans in your state by following the links below.


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