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United Health One, which encompasses the individual health insurance products for UnitedHealthcare, includes the Golden Rule health insurance products throughout the country. United Health One is the name for all of these individual health insurance products.  UnitedHealthcare also purchased Sierra Health Services, a health insurance company offering individual health insurance products in many states.  All are available on our health insurance quote engine. American Medical Security was also purchased by UnitedHealthcare, but this company was dissolved though they continue to service the health insurance policies.  Therefore, if you have any of those three health insurance companies you are actually a UHC client.



Golden Rule Insurance Company, a UnitedHealthcare company based in Indianapolis, IN, has offered health insurance to individuals and families for more than 65 years. Golden Rule had a hand in popularizing the consumer-based health savings account (HSA) plan, as they were closely involved in the political discussions that led to the enactment of legislation that offered tax incentives to consumers who set up health savings accounts. In April 2007, Golden Rule launched HSAcenter.com.

This website offers general, comprehensive information about HSAs so that consumers can better educate themselves about health savings accounts and how they work, but what is really interesting is that its political action committee has raised substantial funds for Republican politicians who support health savings accounts.

UnitedHealthcare acquired Golden Rule in 2003, making it part of the UnitedHealth Group. UnitedHealthcare’s individual line of business, which includes Golden Rule, PacifiCare, American Medical Security (AMS), MAMSI, Oxford Health Plans and UnitedHealthcare administered by Golden Rule, currently offers PPO health insurance and HMO products to individuals and families in 40 states and the District of Columbia.


United Health One Health Insurance Plans

Nationally, the United Health One (Golden Rule) health insurance plans are very similar.  Their plans include the traditional plans called the Copay Select plans, Health Savings Account plans, and modified Plan 100/Plan 80 a.k.a. High Deductible plans.

United Health One offers the best prescription plan in the country (Aetna’s plan is also outstanding as they have an excellent mail order plan), and this plan is included in the Copay Select series only.  Their high deductible plan and HSA plan are also very good with prescriptions but only after the deductible is met (which it usually is not as it is so darn high!)  These plans include a $15-20 charge for generics (prices vary state to state) and a $50 cost for name brand.  The name brand is after a $500 calendar year deductible, which goes quick as the price of pharmaceuticals in this country are outrageous.


Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans

The HSA Plan is a high deductible plan from UnitedHealthOne, and an efficient way to earn tax benefits while covered by a good health plan. If you prefer to decide how you want to receive and pay for health care, opening an HSA is a great route to take. There are several options of HSA plans, which always provide a lower monthly premium, and the option of paying for medical costs with funds from your savings account. The funds are tax-advantaged and tax-free, and can also be put towards paying your deductible or expenses on prescriptions, dental, or vision care.


Copay Plans

Copay Plans have a predictable copayment for doctor’s office visits, with no charge for preventive care through your primary care physician, as well as 100% in-network coverage of history and exam costs after you meet your deductible for a $35 copay. There are a variety of deductibles to choose from, and several different types of copay plans, which also include a copay for generic and brand name prescription medications. Having predictable, flat rates for medical costs can be very convenient, especially for routine health care services.

High Deductible Plans

High Deductible Plans offer lower monthly premiums with a high annual deductible. Until you have paid your deductible, you are responsible for paying out-of-pocket for minor medical expenses such as routine office visits. After you have met your yearly deductible, UnitedHealth will cover qualified services. These plans are helpful in case of unexpected medical needs that may cost thousands of dollars for hospital services, surgeries, etc.


Additional Coverage

Dental Insurance provides coverage from dental cleanings to root canals. With low monthly premiums, preventive care and other necessary services to maintain good dental health are affordable with UnitedHealthOne.

Short Term Medical insurance can be an alternative to COBRA health insurance and can provide temporary health insurance for individuals who may have:

  • Lost Coverage through recent job or life changes
  • No longer covered by your parent’s plan
  • A job as a seasonal worker
  • Begun enjoying early retirement and are waiting for Medicare
  • Recently completed COBRA insurance coverage


For more specifics and benefit details, call a licensed agent to discuss your health plan options at 888 803 5917, or get a free quote.

East Coast Health Insurance offers United Health One plans in all 40 states in which they are offered, through our health insurance quote engine. View region-specific brochures, rates, and more information about UnitedHealthOne plans in your state by following the links below.


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