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Molina Healthcare



Every Choice Health Insurance is proud to offer coverage through Molina Healthcare for individuals and families.



About Molina


Molina Healthcare’s mission is to provide quality medical care to those who qualify for government health insurance programs. They offer coverage through Medicaid, Medicare, and the Health Insurance Marketplace.


Molina Marketplace

Individuals and families under age 65 who enroll through the Health Insurance Marketplace can find Molina coverage in Florida, Ohio, Texas, California, Illinois, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and several additional states.

Their Marketplace plans allow members of Molina Medicaid to use the same provider network if their income increases and they are referred to their state’s Marketplace. Consumers with varying income levels will also benefit from becoming a Molina Marketplace member. Molina Healthcare’s on-exchange plans are designed to promote cost savings, aiming to keep out of pocket expenses minimal.

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Molina Marketplace Plans


Bronze is the right option if you are in good health and do not visit the doctor often. You want to avoid the tax penalty and stay safe, but don’t necessarily anticipate regular office visits, lab work, tests and procedures that would require a larger amount of coverage. Deductibles and out of pocket maximums will be higher than Molina Silver or Gold plans, yet you can plan to save more money by paying lower premiums.

Molina Bronze


Silver 100

Save more on your monthly premiums and cost sharing by choosing the Silver 100 plan, offering the lowest rates with access to a broad provider network. Some services are offered at no cost to you!

Molina Silver 100


Silver 150

Molina Silver 150 is an affordable health plan option with low monthly premiums and modest out of pocket costs to help you stay healthy.

Molina Silver 150


Silver 200

The Silver 200 plan is ideal for those who want to find coverage with both cost-effective premium rates and enough coverage to use your policy without first meeting a high deductible. Access the Molina Marketplace provider network for access to great care. You can rely on excellent services when you contact Molina customer care for any plan assistance or information you may need.

Molina Silver 200


Silver 250

Silver plans offer the greatest value both with affordable premiums and cost sharing. If you qualify for financial assistance, it will be applied to the policy to maximize your discount for services. Cost sharing reductions applied to your plan may include copays, deductibles, out of pocket maximums, and coinsurance.

Molina Silver 250



Gold plans have a higher monthly premium, yet provide stronger protection for you and your family. Out-of-pocket expenses are much lower than the Molina Bronze and Silver plans, making it cost effective and convenient to visit doctors and specialists, use emergency services, get labs and X-rays, hospital care, prescription drugs and more.

Molina Gold

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