Humana One

Humana One is a national individual PPO that is pretty much the same in every state.  They offer three main health insurance plans including the Portrait (a traditional copay plan), the Autograph (a higher deductible plan which covers all medical expenses after the deductible not before), and the Monogram (similar to the Autograph only with a higher deductible and is mainly used as a catastrophic plan). In certain states, the names change, and the plan designs remain the same.




Choice and Flexibility with Humana One

Large network. Humana One’s health insurance plans‘ network features approximately 544,000 medical providers, more than 4,000 hospitals, and over 60,000 pharmacies across most of the U.S. If you’re sick or injured while you’re traveling, you’re likely to find medical care covered by plan benefits at in-network rates, which can save you a considerable amount of money.

Plan portability is another unique aspect of the Humana One individual health insurance plans. This means your health insurance plan coverage can continue if you move to another participating state.

Health insurance plan variety. With HumanaOne you can customize a View all states health insurance plan that’s just right for you. Choose the plan you like, then add any extras you need, from dental benefits and supplemental accident benefits, to prescription medication and life insurance plans.*  Of course this is very similar to our health insurance providers as well, as all of them have about 30 different plans and deductible in every state, each of them can be customized even further by changing or deleting the prescription benefits.

Humana One offers health insurance in most states excluding the Northeast.

* Coverage and rates may vary by region and availability.


East Coast Health Insurance currently has Humana One in nearly every state on our health insurance quote engine, though we have so far put up a separate Humana One health insurance pages in these states:

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