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Health Insurance Case Studies

In this section, I use real life health insurance cases to demonstrate different health insurance policies in various demographic and income scenarios.

In this first national case study, we are looking at the Cigna Health Savings Account plans and the United Health One (or Golden Rule) HSA plans.

These studies are based on random zip codes, so the outcome might be very different for your particular zip code or age bracket.

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Cigna HSA Vs. United Health Care HSA

An important thing to remember when buying health insurance with maternity, or without, is that most companies will still get you the contracted rate for any health related issue including delivery.  In other words, if you decide to not elect maternity and get pregnant, and subsequently deliver, the bill would reflect the contracted rate from the health insurance company not the amount that the hospital charges someone without health insurance.  This savings can be quite sizable.

But if you had an HSA plan with Cigna you would not have the contracted (discounted) rates for maternity coverage.  My Cigna rep did advise that his cousin had an HSA plan with Cigna and was able to prepay the maternity care (prenatal and delivery) for a lot less than the normal cost and they just put as much money as they could into the HSA account and used that money to fund the maternity care.  So that is one option, the other one is going with Golden Rule where you know you’ll have the contracted rates apply to your maternity care.  Like I said before, Cigna is a better policy overall but with regards to the maternity care you’re probably going to be better off with Golden Rule.


Golden Rule – United Health One Maternity

Also, my Cigna representative advised that to his knowledge no other PPO offers discounted prices for maternity benefits with the exception of Golden Rule – which would mean that even if Golden Rule ridered out (excluded maternity benefits from your policy) you would still at least be charged the discounted rates for your maternity care.

So, I think Golden Rule is going to be the better choice – but it is important to note that United Health One (Golden Rule or GR as my brokers call it) is not domiciled which means their rates can get very inflated very quickly.

Attached you’ll find the updated proposal as a PDF document including the Cigna HSA 3000 and 5000 plan options as well as the Copay Select plans with the $5000 and $7500 deductible option.  Please note that on the bottom of the second page you’ll see that the optional benefits are included in the premiums for the Copay Select plans and you’ll also find each optional benefit enhancement’s respective cost.

United Health One HSA Brochure

Cigna Health Savings Account Brochure

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