Top Reasons to Shop Coventry One

Really quickly, I just got this in my email from Coventry One and I thought they made some great points about the Coventry One product.  More than just an average health insurance plan, Coventry separates itself from the competition by offering some amazing benefits that United and Humana just don’t have.  These benefits can save you thousands of dollars over the course of one year.  It boils down to what the deductible applies to and what it doesn’t.

So here are the top reasons according to Coventry One of why they are a great product to buy and to sell.

Top 10 Reasons to Sell CoventryOne

1. You can feel confident selling plans from a solid Carrier with an A- rating from A.M. Best and millions of members nationwide.  Also, you have a local CoventryOne staff waiting to support your sales efforts.

2. Agents have the opportunity to earn a 12-month commissions advance (240% of first month’s premium).

3. All plans function on a contract-year deductible, not a calendar-year deductible.

4. There are no waiting periods with CoventryOne plans – simple to explain & sell!

5. CoventryOne pays first year and renewal commissions on the entire premium (including rate-ups and on actual renewal premiums)!  First year 20%, renewals at 5% for as long as your client remains a member.

6. You can easily e-mail a link to your client to apply electronically themselves, or you can assist your clients with their applications on-line.

7. Emergency Room coverage is co-pay only – no co-insurance nor deductible applicable (excluding the HSA-qualified plan).

8. The Rx benefit is a 3-tier co-pay structure (excluding HSA-qualified plans), with the Premier Plan having no Rx deductible and no Rx max.

9. The co-pay plans have unlimited office visit co-pays – no limits on the # of visits.

10. You can put a link to the CoventryOne i-Store on your agent or agency website.  Clients can shop and apply directly from this site with commissions tied to you.