Cigna is one of the country’s oldest health insurance companies, formed and headquartered in Connecticut. Its roots began in 1792 after a series of meetings in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, where a group of prominent citizens formed the Insurance Company of North America (INA). INA was the first marine insurance company in the United States, and it is still the nation’s oldest stockholder-owned insurer. Many years later in 1865, the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company was created by the state. Cigna was established in 1982, resulting from a merger between these two companies, and continues to be a strong source of coverage for employers, individuals, and families.


Cigna is active in 30 countries, has 31,000 employees worldwide, generated $22.0 billion in revenue for 2011, and made $11.3 million in charitable contributions that year. With an estimated 30 million customers around the world, Cigna offers products and services in health care coverage; group disability, life and accident insurance; and international insurance. Their health insurance products cater to employers, individuals, families, and seniors, with medical and dental products available. More than 10.2 million members use Cigna health insurance products. The Cigna network consists of more than 541,800 physicians, 5,100 hospitals, and 57,000 pharmacies throughout the nation.


Cigna Individual Health Insurance

As far as their individual health insurance plans, Cigna has been in this field for only a few years, after having been most notably known as a large HMO company and Group health insurance carrier.¬† Cigna has since become one of our nation’s largest health insurance companies, and their network is enormous. They are competitive in certain markets and not in others, it truly depends on the region.

Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas are the only states where Cigna is currently offering their individual health insurance plans.

Their health insurance plans can vary greatly from one state to another as an example in Florida they offer individual Open Access plans which is a PPO plan (not a POS – as most would assume).

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