BCBS Network Questions

Many people take out-of-state coverage into consideration when deciding on a health plan. Given the nature of Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies being independent of one another and local to their specific community, it is a frequent question to ask if there is any national network or out-of-state coverage under one of the Blue Cross Blue Shield companies.

Although each member company is an independently owned and operated entity, there is a way for people with Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in any state to receive out-of-state health care. Luckily, the largest health insurance source in the nation has not neglected this detail and they offer a separate program that acts as a universal Blue Plan in other states.

Whether you are a traveler, spend time in other states regularly for work or play, or are planning a move, this program offers protection with any Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield provider in any state. There is also a worldwide program that covers care with doctors and hospitals in over 200 countries outside the U.S.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield has created this program to provide both domestic and international care to members of the Blue System throughout the country. This program is an additional benefit to your current plan, and is greatly valuable in case you ever leave the state or leave the country and need care. Doctors and hospitals in virtually every area of the United States are available, urban and rural alike, and their services will be covered for any member of this program.

This program works by allowing participating providers in all 50 states to submit nearly every type of claim for out-of-state members to their local Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield plan. By the out-of-state provider submitting the claim electronically to your local plan, the process is as convenient as if you were receiving care in your own state.

So rest assured, there is a way to get connected to a vast number of providers in other regions of the United States if you are a member of one of the 38 Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies.


*Please note that we are not licensed to sell BCBS in Florida.

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