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Assurant Health is a national carrier of individual and family health insurance policies, with simple plan designs and affordable options.

They are committed to providing convenience, easy to understand products, and quality services, with the health and well-being of its customers in mind. Part of Assurant, a top provider of insurance products, and their health care coverage sector has been in operation for 120 years.

Assurant’s health insurance products are issued and underwritten by Time Insurance Company, John Alden Life Insurance Company, and Union Security Insurance Company. There are currently over one million members insured by Assurant Health plans in America, and more in several other countries. headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Assurant Health has more than 2,000 employees.


Notice to Assurant Customers:


Coverage will expire on 12/31/2015 as Assurant is leaving the Health Insurance market.


You should have received the following notice from our agency.

Please contact your agent at 888.803.5917 to shop for a new plan to cover you in 2016.


We assisted you with finding your Assurant health insurance plan.
Please note that it will be terminating on 12/31/2015 as the carrier is no longer offering medical plans in 2016.
To ensure you are maintain your health plan without any coverage gaps, we are ready to help you find a replacement!
You can start looking for a new policy during the Open Enrollment Period, which begins on 11/01/2015, to apply for a 01/01/2016 effective date.




Please feel free to contact your agent, who can help you review each of your options with the carriers available in your region.

Please call us at 888.803.5917. We are looking forward to hearing from you and helping you with this important decision!



About Assurant Health Individual Coverage

Providing a wide range of benefits and valuable protection, Assurant Health offers several types of medical plans for individuals and families. Health Access Plans with fixed benefits give you an option of few covered services and cash benefits for receiving health care services. Members receive care as soon as their plan begins, with no deductible to meet. In the case of an illness or injury, supplemental insurance plans can cover other potentially necessary types of care that are not covered.

Major medical plans are the more comprehensive choice from Assurant, with two options for regular coverage and HSA-ready high-deductible plans. These plans offer plenty of protection for individuals and families, with low monthly premiums and a variety of deductibles. Choose from a flexible plan that you can customize based on your personal needs, or a simple, blanket coverage plan with Health Savings Account potential.

Assurant Health’s supplemental coverage options include Dental, Accident, and Critical illness. These plans also offer cash benefits to help pay for expenses that the standard health plan does not cover.

Plan members have access to various programs that offer ways to help manage their health care and their medical spending. Such programs include disease and care management services, easy access to health care services, and the ability to use third-party advocacy and payment negotiation services.

Individual Products:

Individual Medical

  • CoreMed
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)


  • Assurant Health Access
  • Assurant Supplemental Coverage

Short-Term Medical


Assurant Health Recognition

The legal entities of Assurant Health received an A.M. Best rating of “A-,” thus demonstrating their financial stability and presence in the market.

Assurant Health is known among individual health insurance companies and underwriters as one of the top carriers for individual and small group coverage.


Please note that Assurant is no longer offering health products and the above information is intended for referential purposes only.

Call an agent to find plans currently available in your area at 888.803.5917.

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