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Aetna the third-largest health insurer in the United States, continuing to grow as they acquire carriers such as Humana and Coventry.

Defining their health insurance policies is very difficult as they are in every state and have a strong foothold in all aspects of the health care system. Founded more than 160 years ago, Aetna is one of the strongest and most respected health insurance companies in America.




About Aetna


Aetna purchased Humana in 2015, entering into a historical $34.1 billion merger. The insurer continues to expand through powerful acquisitions, rivaling Anthem and UnitedHealth Group as the nation’s largest insurer.

For health plan members in various markets, this means increased access to providers and facilities contracted with Aetna. For shareholders, Aetna’s growth is also beneficial. In 2012, Aetna announced its acquisition of Coventry Health Care, increasing membership base to millions of new private members, Medicaid recipients and Medicare beneficiaries as a result.

Aetna earned a total of $58 billion in revenue in 2014, remaining one of the top grossing insurers in the nation.

As the second-largest health benefits company in the United States, Aetna has been recognized in the Civic 50 survey for being one of the nation’s most community-minded companies for several consecutive years.

The company has 54 active Volunteer Councils in 46 cities to improve health care locally. According to the Civic 50, Aetna is “the first comprehensive ranking of S&P 500 companies that best use their time, talent, and resources to improve the quality of life in the communities where they do business.”

J.D. Power and Associates credited Aetna’s concierge customer service call center with having “An Outstanding Customer Service Experience,” for three consecutive years. Aetna has also been recognized by various organizations for their environmental initiatives, research, technology and care delivery for many years.



  • 23.7 million medical members
  • 15.5+ million dental members
  • 15.4+ million pharmacy benefit members


Global Network:

  • 1.1+ million medical professionals
  • 674,000+ primary care physicians and specialists
  • 5,589 hospitals


Aetna Individual Health Insurance Plans


Aetna individual health insurance plans include every single type of policy, as they offer HMO, PPO and POS health insurance plans.

Depending on the state you live in and where in that state you live, your options can vary. Every Choice Health Insurance is a strong Aetna supporter on the individual side of the health insurance business and anticipates its growth. Of course, we hope that its expansion will benefit our clients in offering larger national networks, improved service and better coverage.

Every Choice Health Insurance currently offers Aetna in nearly every state on our health insurance quote engine.


Aetna plans can vary tremendously within each state, and are offered both on and off exchange.


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