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Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Plans

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) is a trade association, which organizes the 38 independently owned and operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield Companies throughout the United States. Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are locally run in each state where they exist, providing a level of care that serves the community best by being a part of it. Every company operates differently as they are their own entities, yet brought together by the trusted Blue Cross Blue Shield name. Much of the nation’s health insurance marketplace is occupied by these companies and their abundance of plans, and about one in every three people is insured by a Blue Cross Blue Shield company in their state. To find out more about the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association and its companies, please visit our Blue Cross Blue Shield national page.


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Coventry was founded over 20 years ago when Coventry Corporation was incorporated on November 21, 1986.Coventry Health Care, Inc. then became a public company in 1991 and currently provides a wide array of services ranging from individual health insurance to worker’s compensation to more than 5 million members in all 50 states.The CoventryOne family of brands is currently available in 22 states.  For more about the Coventry health insurance company follow the link or visit your specific state to read about the Coventry health insurance plans available in your state.



Humana One

Humana One offers the choice and flexibility to customize your plan due to Humana’s health insurance plan variety.   One of the older companies in the health insurance business, Humana One has a very wide network of doctors as their national PPO network has been around for years.   Originally founded in 1961 as a nursing home they have vaulted to one of the top nationwide health insurance companies due to their work with Medicare for which they became well known.  (Some people also believe that this contributed to their iffy reputation, however their individual under 65 health insurance plans are just like everyone elses).  Humana One is a division of the Humana corporation that specializes in under 65 life insurance, dental insurance, and individual health insurance products.
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United Health One – Golden Rule

Golden Rule Insurance Company, an UnitedHealthcare company based in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A., has offered health insurance to individuals and families for more than 60 years. It offers a type of health insurance known as a health savings account (HSA), and was closely involved in the political discussions that led to the enactment of legislation that offered tax incentives to consumers who set up health savings accounts.

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Aetna is one our nations strongest health insurance companies period.  They are also the most reliable individual health insurance company in the country and have never rescinded any of our individual health insurance policies and we have sold a ton of them.  Nearly every other health insurance has though. In order to avoid recission you are supposed to be vehement in revealing your health history.  With Aetna and most of the Blue Cross Blue Shield’s you will not have to worry about this.




Cigna is a relatively new entrant to the individual health insurance industry and their strength seems to be without a doubt price.  They win in almost every heads up fight with our health insurance companies every time.   And as far as benefit go they are certainly no worse than anyone else.  However, certain health insurance plans can vary greatly from state to state.  In Florida for instance most of our plans don’t have an emergency room copayment because our hospitals are so expensive due to the uninsured.  So any plan in South Florida that has an emergency room copayment before the deductible is considered a luxury.

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