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Insurance Complaints


Below is our famous Colorado Health Insurance Complaints section. As you can see, Rocky Mountain Hospital and Medical Service, Inc. (Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield) leads Colorado complaints.

The consumer Complaint Ratio demonstrates how certain companies earn themselves more complaints per $1 million of premium than others. This calculation gives consumers in Colorado a better idea of which companies to choose when considering a health insurance plan. Obviously, if a company receives a high volume of complaints compared to the amount of policies they sell each year, it may be worth steering clear of.

There is also the Complaint Index, which gives you a better idea of how these companies compare to one another in terms of complaints received. A Complaint Index higher than 1.0 shows that a carrier receives a higher-than-average number of complaints, while an index below 1.0 proves a company receives a less-than-average amount of complaints per year. If a company has an index of 0, there were no complaints made against them that year. The Complaint Index is typically considered to be more informative than the Complaint Ratio, as it gives an overall picture of how each company compares to the Colorado health insurance market as a whole.

However, it is good to be mindful that your choice of an insurance company should not come solely from either of these figures, as they change every year, and they are not the only important factor when deciding where to purchase coverage. Take a detailed look at each company‘s bio and products, as well as their provider networks, benefits, and other strengths to evaluate which one suits you best.